So confused -- Is the dark silver reissue coming in the 225 size this fall??

  1. Ahhhh, I am sooo confused. I have finally set my heart on the dark silver reissue (seeing all of your gorgeous dark silver reissues made me crack :p), and from what I have gathered, I thought the reissues were only being brought back in the 226 and 227 sizes. Yet, when I called my SA over at Chanel SF, she told me that they will receive them in 225 as well (priced at $2150).

    Is my SA and I talking about two different bags? :confused1:
  2. Saks is bringing it in the 226 and 227 only... I don't know about the boutiques.. For some reason, this fall season all the buyers of these dept stores are getting different things and some styles aren't available in one store vs another. My Saks SA has said that Saks is not receiving the metallic black reissue, for instance..

    OMG, the 225 is now $2150!! Geez.. I just got mine 2 mos ago and it was $1995. I hate these price hikes.
  3. I wonder, if my SA is confusing the reissue with the classic flap though -- bc the medium classic lambskin flap is priced at 2150...

    absolutanne, isn't that weird? i called different saks, and either the SAs don't know what they are getting in, or each store really is getting different bags...
  4. The dark silver reissue in 225 size would be A30225y04373 color 45004. In the 226 size it is A30226y04373 color 45004. Inthe 227 size it is A30227y04373 color 45004. The first 5 numbers are the style, the numbers after the y are the fabric(dark silver metallic), the color is dark silver. The black metallic in the 226 size is A 30226y04636 color 94305. Have your sales associates look up the numbers. Also if you have items shipped by phone order, check the numbers.
  5. ^^ I agree.. some SA's aren't as knowledgable as we are and they may confuse the reissue w/ the new classic flap w/ mademoiselle turnlock bag
    So call in w/ the style numbers so you can get a solid confirmation.

    As for my Saks SA saying no metallic black, he is certain and he's a knowledgable SA. So you can believe that Saks is NOT getting the metallic black in any size.
  6. My SA at Saks NYC said they ordered the metallic black reissue in the 227 size and she even showed me the picture with the exact style numbers??
  7. Agree with sweetsparkle. I just waitlisted for the black reissue in 227 at Saks ATL today. I'm not sure about other Saks, but the ATL one is only receiving the 227 size.

    But now that you mention it, I think the lookbook just said "Black", so maybe it is not the metallic black? I assumed that the reissue was only coming back in metallic black and dark silver for this collection, so it didn't occur to me to ask. I guess I'll have to wait to find out.
  8. did the lookbook read "A 30227Y04636 color 94305" My SA showed me those exact style numbers which is the Black Metallic Reissue. Saks NYC is also only getting the 227 size.
  9. It definitely said A30227, but I didn't look at the rest. :confused1:

    I'll try and go back in tomorrow to look for the 94305...I'm really curious now! If any of you ATL girls are going in, can you take a look and update?

    Sorry evy! Now we're completely off the original topic you posted about. FYI - when I was at the NM trunk show a few weeks ago, the Chanel specialist told me they will be getting a "really small" dark silver reissue. She didn't talk in 225-226-227 language, so I'm not sure she was referring to the 225 size, but I would guess that is the bag she was talking about, since she called the 227 the "huge" size. If you want to know for sure, you can try calling NM Atl and asking for Paige or Becky. If neither one of them are there, Alex is nice, although not as familiar with the bags.
  10. Could the "really small" reissue be the 224?I saw a small light silver met in the lookbook did't pay attention though!
    For Fers in Europe my SA said only black and light silver metallics will be released in 226/227 but different boutiques will get these colours in different sizes lol!
    Evychew I think too your SA meant the CC lock classic flap!:confused1:
  11. i've made soo many long-distance calls to chanel, NM and Saks botiques, and I still haven't gotten a clear-cut answer -- the chanel 1-800 number hasn't been too helpful either!

    But from what I gather, Neimans are only receiving the Dark Silver reissue in 227, and Saks did not order any Dark Silver (although that is debatable too, bc some SAs told me their store is receiving some?), and Chanel botiques have ordered the Dark silver in 226 and 227.

    I have no idea what my SA is talking about bc I specifically stated "dark silver". I thought maybe she was talking about the medium classic flap, but the dark silver medium classic flap is actually $2450. I'm really hoping she is talking about 225 though -- I like that size the most...
  12. Evy I hope they release it/or the black met in 225 because I love this size too in metallics particularly; I think of met more as dressy bags rather than casual (I've got the light silver 225 it's lovely and I'd love a blck in 225 for special occ too) I'm also afraid that reissue metallics might peel off with often use!Keep us posted if you find out about the 225 thanks!:smile:
  13. hmmm.. strange, it can't be that one Saks is getting the metallic black and the others don't that's really strange. Doesn't saks have 1 team of buyers that buy for the entire chain??? Unless I'm mistaken on that one...

    Well if it IS only available in the 227, I'm only interested in the 226 size... bummer for me, I'll still have to buy it from the boutique.
  14. I asked a SA about 225 during the trunk show at my local Chanel boutique. I was told that Chanel boutiques will get 226 & 227.
  15. evychew, in response to your PM, i'm posting these modeling pics of the 225 darksilver for everyone... hope these help!