So confused!!help me girls..saddle or eggplant??

  1. Hey there all u RM fans..I am planning to get a RM MAM ( at last)! But now I really dont know which one...all these gorgeous choices and u girls talking abt it..making me :drool: over almost every color. So now I have rounded it up to 2 choices..Saddle or eggplant.
    Please vote girls and help me decide the best bag in terms of the softness of the leather and color. thanks!! :flowers:
  2. If smooshiness is most important to you, go with the saddle. The eggplant is a much stiffer leather, although the color is gorgeous!
  3. Saddle because its more versatile than eggplant when it comes to matching with outfits. ;)
  4. agree....eggplant is beautiful, but not as soft/smooshy
  5. Agree, if it's matchiness you want, go with Saddle.
  6. its between gorgeous color or smooshiness..:thinking:oh..why cant we have it all??:search::ty:
  7. agree! EGGPLANT IS TDF- but saddle would be the color to match with stuff more...
  8. Saddle! (Although I'm biased since that's what I just got) :smile:
  9. Eggplant, I know i'm the odd one LOL

    but if you're looking for something more neutral then go for the saddle.
  10. If you are lookiing for neutral go with saddle like the girls sad but if you like a splash of color the eggplant is tdf
  11. Thanks girls :ty:..I think I am gonna get the saddle..its more versatile.
    Thinking abt getting a yellow nikki too...I am gonna be broke by the end of this month. :shrugs:
  12. saddle is a good choice!!
  13. The eggplant color is great. The leather is a bit stiffer but the color is really TDF. Even if the saddle is a nicer leather I'm not as wowed by the color but maybe that is just me because I don't really wear beiges. Either bag will be lovely!
  14. I would go for the eggplant. Its such a gorgeous color. I don't really like the feel of the saddle leather that much. Definetly go for the eggplant. If you see it, grab it! That color is so rare now!
  15. I just ordered the saddle myself. I think it will go great with everything!