So confused at PCE Chocolate Medium Carly coming, Opinions please???

  1. Excuse my ramblings...but....I went happily skipping off to the PCE today at my favorite Coach store and had definitely decided on getting a demi leather Camel Carly like my black one that I got at the St. Augustine outlet. It is light, cute and I can wear it day or night. It fits tons of things in it. Somehow, I went from knowing exactly what I wanted to order to ordering a chocolate medium signature Carly with an ocelot scarf. I really wanted the Carly in Camel or white medium leather if I could handle the weight of it. There were none in the store to even try on. All sold out. Now I was really confused if all brown signature was what would fit into my daily wardrobe. The SA thought that the brown on brown would be different than the gold and khaki Carly that I have rather than the khaki and black trim Carly that is coming in with the chocolate one soon. I was surprised that I could indeed order it at all. I had wanted leather, no more signature, in my mind too. I wear jeans, jeans jackets, cropped pants, pastel tees and tanks for I live in Florida and anything goes, even winter white with boots here. I like pinks, browns, blacks, khacki, blues and she thought the brown would only go with white, blue, khacki's neutrals but not pastels. I like brown with pink or blues...too. So now I walk out of the store with the bag ordered and I see a girl with a black dress and this gorgeous white leather and black trim Carly that I am drooling over. Hmmm. go back and change my order? DH said "oh no" as he had slept in the chair in the back for over an hour at the store with sunglasses on. They know that by now..a sleeping DH at all visits LOL. How can you sleep in a Coach store? He sleeps anywhere at all that there is a chair. LOL. So ladies, chocolate signature or leather ? Camel leather or white leather...and is it too heavy? Help me decide before the PCE is over. Do any of you set out to get a definite thing and then get to the store and have this happen during the PCE. I had credits...and my usual SA was out on break and I just love her taste in bags..Did I do the right thing??? :confused1:
  2. I would love to have the Chocolate/Chocolate carly... and I disagree with your SA. I LOVE a pink and brown combination. If you look at some of their wallets, you'll see that the brown colors (especially in Legacy) have pastel blue or pink interiors. In fact, I personally think you could wear chocolate brown with almost anything. Personally, I don't trust myself with a leather bag that's of a lighter color than Camel, just because of the dirt factor, and I have a 9 month old baby so I need to be ready to drop all my stuff at a moment's notice if she needs something.

    HOWEVER. With all of that said, if you will like a white leather bag better, and it will bug you all your days, THEN I would recommend switching.

    But that's my two cents. :smile:
  3. my vote would be the chocolate signature...sounds beautiful!!!
    and brown is the new black...well kind of!!!
  4. please do not take this the wrong way, but are you ever 100% thrilled with any bag you get? I feel like we see a lot of threads where something isn't quite right with your bags no matter where you get them
  5. I can't wait to see the chocolate carly, it will go with most everything. Personally, I think a neutral color like brown, black, camel can be worn with most if not all colors. Maybe try not to second guess so much. Since most of us can't have EVERYTHING we admire, we do have to narrow it down.
  6. chocolate sounds beautiful!
  7. Actually, I do have bags that I love and have worn for many years, even when lately they twinge and hurt my back. I just try to accept life on life's terms, not what I want it to be. I have not even seen this bag, so I would not know if I loved it or not as yet. I come here like the rest of us do, to have a safe place to share my indecisiveness, my mistakes and firm up my decisions. I do not take your opinion personally, for it is your opinion. Right now I am getting over the loss of a parent... and my decisions are not my usual firm ones, some of them are even take away the pain..And, if that is my worst mistake, I will take it. We all may find ourselves having a moment that we are confused about our decisions and reach out to get support..I come here fo find a warm welcome and an understanding, more than to purchase or return a bag..and I try to give back in the same the very best way i can...:smile:
  8. Yes, it does sound truly yummy...just the name...I can hardly wait to see it!!!! Thank you!!!:tup:
  9. You are most correct, and as in all things..those thoughts come from somewhere in our childhoods... I will keep that in mind...not to second guess so much...My mother that I loved so much, never thought my taste was quite up to par with what hers was , LOL Bless her I tend to do that...Thank you for that ..remark...I will think of it...and smile...:yes:
  10. Decisions, decisions...ugh!

    I buy what I like within my budget, and I think you should buy whatever makes you happy!

    I love the signature line, not a big fan of the leather bags (YET)!

    Let us know what you decide on!
  11. Lynn:

    I love the chocolate Carly and have seen it in person. They pulled it out from the back at my boutique and it is gorgeous. Unfortunately for me I would much rather have it in Chocolate leather which hopefully Coach will make in the fall. That being said I think you should get what you really want as you won't be truly happy if you don't. Get what you want, go home and put your stuff in the bag and see how you feel about it. Worst cast you can always exchange it for the Chocolate new signature Carly.

  12. I love the Chocolate carly from what I've seen--the color is so classy and you can use it casually or dressed up, and I have seen it paired with pastels in Coach's catalog, so I think you're safe there. Can you take both home since it's PCE and just try them on with your things in them for a day or two?

    I think if you have both side by side you'll be able to decide which bag is best for you. Good luck!:p
  13. I did not take anything home , they just ordered the medium chocolate Carly and the ocelot scarf for me which I did not think I needed but thought it would be a lovely touch. I too thought it would go with all colors...I did not have any trouble ordering it on the PCE..they are always nice. I had a credit..and did not much more money to get these things. I need nothing now at all. Brown is always neutral I think and I have the gold and khaki and like how it sits and the strap is very flexible, although the leather strap seems stiffer. My SA showed me how to bend it to get it softer. . My stores really do not mind returns on the PCE, for they know there are so very many new styles to tempt the eye every few months, and many more people return than you would think..but I always exchange and spend more, not just return and I am very appreciative of their advice and understanding.

  15. I am so glad you got your Carly ..and felt simply terrible about what happened to you. I too love the signature. I had a credit from other past reuturn and buys from outlet stores or sadly, my mothers bags that she never used that I bought her. I did not go over budget...but, I am a sucker for the new lines that come out and all of us longing for things does not really help those impulses or keep them at bay.....LOL ;) I will let you know how it looks in person. Thanks!!!