So conflicted! Which one?!

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  1. So, I've been putting off my purchase for a few weeks now.
    I'm so unsure about the size!
    Whichever one i decide on is going to be black caviar with SHW.
    I finally went into the store and tried them on. Is the jumbo too large on me?

    I'm 5'6 without shoes so that's why I'm wearing my flats :P

    Thanks ladies!

  2. You can't go wrong with either one!!! They both look fab!!!! But, the Jumbo looks too big crossbody!
  3. I am the same height as you and I first purchased the jumbo, but now I got the ml and I am going to return the jumbo. The jumbo never really fit my style but looks great with a winter coat (puffer). The ml works all year round but only with a thinner fall jacket. I love the jumbo and it has more room but I realized I would not a use a jumbo on an every day basis and the ml just works better for my lifestyle. Both bags look great on you though. Good luck on your choice!
  4. def jumbo!
  5. You look great in both! If you decide to go with the M/L, make sure that you try putting everything you wanna carry in it and see if all of them can fit into it. This could be an important factor in your decision on which size suits you better.
  6. my vote is for the jumbo
  7. Jumbo:smile:
  8. Thats my only problem with the m/l.
    The space is kinda tight. And I tend to carry a lot. But the m/l feels so nice and compact! Lol.

    My biggest thing is not having the bag look huge or bulky on me.
    And this would be an everyday bag, day and night. I know the majority don't carry the jumbo for night but I couldn't justify two bags for quite a while. :/
  9. The jumbo looks a bit big to me, but you should go with the one that fits what you want to carry.
  10. Both look good on you but with the jumbo you can wear it cross body as well as on the shoulder. So i say get a jumbo
  11. If you currently have a big wallet, you can get a smaller wallet and see if the M/L can work with a smaller wallet and all the things you want to carry in it. Since it's gonna be your everyday bag, it's important that it can fit EVERYTHING that you need/want to carry everyday. Otherwise, you'd likely be frustrated with the limited space down the road.

    Also, another point to consider is the weight of the Jumbo. Do u think you can handle its weight plus the weight of all your things in it and carry it everyday? The weight issue is the reason why I steered away from the Jumbo.

    Personally, I don't think that the Jumbo is inappropriate for night time use, unless you are going to a Ball in a gown or something like that. Actually, an M/L is inappropriate for a Ball because that would require a clutch. :smile:
  12. I have a couple of small wallets I carry on a daily basis.
    I have a tiny makeup pouch, my note 3 phone (large) and also my digital camera.
    I don't mind weight, I carry a large tote that is pretty full.

    I don't go to black tie events often (since like prom actually :P) but I do go out to dinners, parties and events.

    Decisions, decisions! Lol
  13. Thanks to everyone who replied so far, I appreciate it! :smile:
  14. They both look good on you. I vote for jumbo but if you decide to go with m/l make sure you could fit everything you need in it.
  15. I always like the option of being hands free which is why the Jumbo is my choice. I like the option of being able to wear it crossbody.