SO coming and i cant cook

  1. Hi guys,

    Ok well my SO is coming to Paris in a few days, and will be here for 3 weeks, i need to come up with some dishes to cook, i CANT cook anything. i dont know how.. i even manage to burn pasta.. so i know im doing something wrong..

    any EASY semi-quick dishes u know of please let me know.. also whats a skillet? is that a frying pan? i want to make one of the receipes i saw on the forum but im not sure what a skillet is.

    ALL recpies would help- tHANKS IN ADVANCE:flowers:
  2. A skillet is a frying pan yes...:yes: and that's as far as I can help you, since I can't cook either.
  3. hahha.. ok well got one thins down... teehee
  4. Are there any Oriental Super markets over there? If there is, they have alot of packet seasonings....alot of meat seasonings....and stir fry veggies seasonings....just buy all the veggies, cut it up , add the seasoning and stir fry!!! Pretty easy!

    Good luck...

    My dad slapped me once when i was like 12 b/c I was lazy to learn how to cook when he tried to teach me. Now I can do alot. haha...

    Goood luck!!!

    Oh yeah,

    Here is an easy dish:

    Buy pasta ( boil it til cooked) drain.

    Get a can of spaghetti, bring to boil, add chopped olives, parmesan.

    And SERVE. ( u can serve it with side salad....garlic bread....)

    Thats the easiest dish ever...for me it is!
  5. How about spaghetti meat sauce? You can't mess that one up.

    Get any pasta of your choice... I like bow-tie pasta.

    Brown ground beef in a frying pan with a litte olive oil... As in, mush it all around until it is all brown.

    Add spaghetti sauce like Prego... allow to warm for a few minutes. Pour over pasta and voila! Meat sauce for your pasta!
  6. Ha! You are adorable... "what's a skillet". Cute!! That made me laugh out loud...! (And I know you were serious, that's why it's so cute.:flowers: )

    Simple recipes:

    Grilled cheeze: I know it seems like it's for kids, but you can really jazz it up by using grainy bread, your fave cheeze (like swiss or a combo or different ones) add tomato, proscuitto (sp?) or grilled veg. Also - I don't use butter to fry it out, use olive oil instead. Healthier and tastier.

    Also - grilled chicken or salmon on top of mixed baby greens. For the salad dressing, mix up some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and dijon mustard. Add crumbled blue cheese on top of the salad, and sugared pecans. Serve it with garlic toast. Sugared pecans are so simple to make yourself.. just put brown sugar in pot and put it on medium heat. The sugar will start to 'melt' and then throw in the pecans. Keep stirring until the pecans are coatd. Voila. Candied pecans.
  7. you guys thanks sooooo much. i will use the suggestions..

    Cowgirl, im glad i made you laugh..tehee. im very unaware of kitchen things..hehe will try what was mentioned..

    someone else in another thread mentioned groundbeef and tortialla chips or sometihg am going to try that too
  8. tickle- i dont get it, i use pasta and spagehtti? arent they the same thing
  9. Oh my god, girl... I love you.:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  10. I think she meant spaghetti sauce, but I could be wrong.
  11. Boo, don't feel bad. When I got married somone gave me an oven mitt, which is a thing that fits on your hand so you can take hot items out of the oven. I thought it was a hand puppet. Needless to say, the only thing I can make for dinner is reservations.
  12. Get this book! Now You're Cooking: Everything a Beginner Needs to Know to Start Cooking Today: Books: Elaine Corn,Daniel McClain


    this is the most straightforward and fun cookbook I've ever owned. Elaine Corn's style is very no-nonsense and fun too.

    I love to cook and even though I'm not a novice there are still great things to learn and try in here. There is also a cooking for company version too.

    another suggestion:
    [​IMG] The Basic Gourmet Entertains: Foolproof Recipes and Manageable Menus for the Beginning Cook: Books: Kathleen and Dan Taggart,Joyce Oudkerk

    very easy and fun recipes to mix and match. :wlae:
  13. ok now i know how cowgirl felt cuz i just burst out laughing when i erad your post!!!!!!! eeeheee.. hand puppet. ok so im not alone!!

    i have a cookbook, but it doenst talk to me ( obviously) so when i have qs im stuck, and its like a stucent easy cookbook from the australian womans weekly range.. so its supposed to be great!!
  14. Hey Sweetie, you have the mother of all food stores right near you = PICARD! (18 avenue Trudaine, right off r. des Martyrs) They make the BEST prepared food, it's excellent. Do yourself a fave and buy some. Your SO won't mind. ALSO: there is a patisserie on rue Lepic you must visit. They make cakes and tarts that are to DIE FOR. I can't remember the name but it is on r. Lepic- almost to r. des Abbesses. You'll know you have the right place when you see the fruit tarts and cakes in the window. Go there and get one before he arrives!

  15. What she says^^ Besides, he is coming to see YOU, not your cooking.:P