SO Colors

  1. Please help!

    hi, i am trying to decide on my special order. I really want a togo birkin in cyclamen or violet color. will Hermes do it even though these colors are not available in Togo in the Leather Book?
  2. Noone knows the answer? :sad:
  3. No, they can't. They don't do certain colors in certain leathers because sometimes the color doesn't quite match their exacting standards.
  4. depends on your status but most likely h won´t do it
  5. Sigh. Thanks so much! Back to the drawing board!
  6. would it be possible to order something that was available in the past? like thalassa blue in box?
  7. ^^If it's not being offered in the leather book or on the leather availability lists that the SAs have for each podium, then most likely not. Unless, as lilach stated, one is VVVIP, which still may take a very long time.