so close

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  1. yet so far away... i dropped by for 2 minutes at my local h boutique to ask my SA whether she'd be expecting any more kellys soon... i have the 35 but now i also want a smaller one, in the 28-32 range in a classic color (not the brights). anyway, when i was in there, i saw a gold birkin sitting right on the counter, waiting for its owner to claim it... i told my SA, i can only dream that one day, i 'll get one. she didn't volunteer to hand it over to me, probably b/c it is claimed already. shucks!!!!! the only thing that made me feel ok was that it's gold, and i already have a gold trim and a gold kelly... so it wasn't meant to be today.

    AHHHH!!! one day....
  2. babyhart, somewhere, saying...." I can only dream that one day, somehow, I'll have a Gold Trim and Gold Kelly......" TWO beautiful Hermes bags......

    And YOU do, right NOW!!
  3. Continue cultivating that relationship and checking in (as you know)... Its out there for you. Good luck.
  4. Absolutely.........remember it's all about timing and the relationships you develop!!!! well........and a little bit o luck!!!
  5. Yep one day...good things come to those who wait...