so close


admire inspire
Jun 19, 2006
yet so far away... i dropped by for 2 minutes at my local h boutique to ask my SA whether she'd be expecting any more kellys soon... i have the 35 but now i also want a smaller one, in the 28-32 range in a classic color (not the brights). anyway, when i was in there, i saw a gold birkin sitting right on the counter, waiting for its owner to claim it... i told my SA, i can only dream that one day, i 'll get one. she didn't volunteer to hand it over to me, probably b/c it is claimed already. shucks!!!!! the only thing that made me feel ok was that it's gold, and i already have a gold trim and a gold kelly... so it wasn't meant to be today.

AHHHH!!! one day....


Sep 1, 2006
babyhart, somewhere, saying...." I can only dream that one day, somehow, I'll have a Gold Trim and Gold Kelly......" TWO beautiful Hermes bags......

And YOU do, right NOW!!