So close...

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  1. I thought I was going to bring home my first big orange box.

    I got the call. My local H had a Rose Dragee Kelly Retourne in Swift (yay!) but it was a 25. I left work early anyway (this is Hermes we're talking about), maybe I could work it. I thought it would be doable because I am the queen of the small purse. But no, it was too small, even for me. (wahhh!)

    I'm so disappointed.

    Hopefully the SA will find what I want in another H's boutique.
  2. bummer :sad:
    I hope the right one comes really soon!!!!:heart:
  3. Oh, that is tough! But the right bag will come along, I promise! And it will be so worth the wait!
  4. Sorry to hear that it did not work out.
    Good luck to finding your first orange box.
  5. I'm sorry, I'm sure it was disappointing but I'm also sure that the right one is just around the corner.
  6. That was sad, bprime, what a build up. But I can't wait to see the knockout dream bag that's waiting for you right around the corner.

  7. You may have already said this but what exactly are you looking for?
  8. Good luck, sorry you had a false start.

    But leaving work to go straight to Hermes shows that you definitely have your priorities straignt, so karma will certainly be working for you!:wlae:
  9. The perfect bag for you will be yours soon! :heart: *hugs*
  10. I'm looking for a Rose Dragee Swift Lindy 30 or 34. Because I like Rose Dragee so much the SA called me about the Kelly when it was available. Since I like the Kelly also, I wanted to see it before I gave a definite answer. If it was a 30 or 32 it would have been a yes.

    We talked for a little while and now she is looking for either a Rose Dragee or Rouge G Swift Lindy for me.
  11. Aww- sorry to hear that! I hope you find a bag you really want soon!
  12. i love rose dragee myself-----------such a beautiful color.............very recently there was a 35 trim in rose dragee swift in nyc.
  13. very wise of you to not settle. you will find your rose dragee soon!
  14. RD is stunning,.. I've seen it. Make sure you get it in a perfect size that fits you.
  15. The right one will come along, Bprimuslevy! *sending orange vibes your way* Hang in there!