So close but thank god iv orderd it!!

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    I orderd a new bag yesterday the ''Monogram Carryall'' :tup:

    Now when I was putting all my details threw I blocked my visa exceptence (Like a fool) which I then had to ring the bank to unblock it.Because of this I wasent going to bother untill tommorow as for it was a sunday and I just couldent be doing with the hassle but I thought hmmm theres nothing else to do so why not just do it then order my bag so thats what I did and I got all order confirmation on my account and my mail and it said on my account order is process bla bla and in my mail.
    THANK GOD I DID!, I wake up this morning to check my facebook and I go on the Vuitton site so log in my account just to check my recent purcheses and its still saying order in process I then find my bag on the site just to see weather there in stock and there now ''product out of stock'' :sneaky:.I will ring customer services just to check my order has gone threw, I no it was a sunday which I orderd it so they wont be checking untill today but yes im very happy!!and to anyone who's thinking of buying a bag I suggest you buy it now and be fast about it due to the shortage and the fact as for iv also noticed they taking certain bags of the site aswell :wtf: I am very happy and it should be arriving to its new home on wednesday..exciting stuff :nuts:
  2. Congratulations, I hope it arrives soon!
  3. lucky you! i hope the order goes through. :yahoo: i've been wanting to order the artsy and eva but its sold out 'nationwide' in botiques and online.. :wondering: i've been crazily checking every day whenever i get a chance sighh
  4. glad you got it before it went "out of stock" again! Post pics when it arrives!
  5. #5 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    Thanyou you bunch of lovely people :flowers:
    I no, you never no when when there coming back in tstock.The amount of times iv woke up threw the night just to see if any more stock has been added to the bags I want.I can remember when I wanted a speedy 40 and they were out of stock for agers and then they came back in and it took about 15 min for them to run out :sad:.I will deffently post pics when I no how to actually do it (all I no is how to type and make threads at the moment) but yes deffently :biggrin:
  6. I orderd a bag yesterday of the Louis Vuitton site (Monogram carryall) and iv only had one confirmation letter sent to my mail.My account on vuitton says order is process and I rang up customer services and they said you have got the bag its just going threw the 2nd stage of processing
    When I orderd my Speedy 30 back in January it dident take aslong as this and im now worrying because I dont no whats going on.Has this happand to anyone else or am I just being inpatient? :confused1:
  7. ohh lucky you has probably got the last one available there. Enjoy your new bag when it arrives!
  8. How lucky! Congrats!
  9. Thankyou :smile:
    I really feel the need to spaz out because of the price I payed for it, its the most expensive bag iv brought but I suppose its worth it in the end.Im just happy my head told me not to buy it today as for I would of been crying on the floor!
  10. Congratulations! Please post pictures when you receive it.
  11. congrats:biggrin:
  12. Congrats!! (: