so clementines are in season and i put one on my face

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  1. Do you think this is a crazy idea? I read somewhere that the juice of a clementine + an egg white is supposed to be great for your face, so I just mixed up a batch and smeared it all over my face, I'll keep everyone updated on my skin post clementine-egg mask :smile:
  2. Well, here are the results of my experiment: On my skin (dry to very dry) Skin feels smooth after taking off mask, but a little dry and itchy (think I need to slop on some lotion)
    I put it on my SO and he has oily to very oily skin, it was a bigger success with his skin. Tightened it up, smooth texture.
    Would recommend for oily skin or dry to oily
  3. i think the clementines are acidic, and therefore a good idea for oily, as you mention. would be a little leary of the raw egg, in case of salmonella. but glad it worked somewhat well for you.
  4. Yeah I would def think the clementines would dry out my skin too much, even though I think I would probably love the smell of having it on my face!
  5. I don't think you can get salmonella from putting egg white on your skin. I'm pretty sure you'd have to eat it to get sick from it...
  6. I love clementines and have been eating them like crazy since they came into season. Good to hear of another use for them!
  7. i bet you smelled darn good though!!! :smile:
  8. I don't think I could "waste" one like that!!! I've been eating 3-4 a day! I'm obsessed!
  9. i read recently that salmonella only starts to grow after the egg is out in the open for 20mins. either way, i dont think id wanna put it on my face :nogood:
  10. Eggs & Egg whites have been used on the face for a loooong time now. Im sure its safe!

    My face is really dry, so I guess this wouldnt work too well for me. But, it sounds like a fabulous idea!
  11. ^^i just dont think i could get over the ickyness slimy factor :smile:
  12. ^^ LOL gotcha!