So caviar is cheaper than lambskin, but no where to be found? And more $$ on ebay??

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  1. I am looking DESPERATELY for a caviar black classic flap with gold hw (like every one and all I see is lambskin. I can save a TON of money and settle for lambskin, but then why does everyone say caviar is cheaper? I'm not getting it. Supply/Demand on Ebay? Sorry, I am really new to Chanel!!

    And why do some of the sides of the bags look smooth and others are quilted. ARGH!
    Thanks a TOOOON!!:heart:
  2. Have you tried Chanel Saks Boca Raton Florida? I think they may have had it in caver last week.
  3. I will check, Thank you!!
  4. a lot of the lambskin medium flaps on eBay are vintage so that could be why they are cheaper. it could also depend on the condition of the bag. caviar tends to look less worn because it is more rigid.
  5. My ebay experience is quite similar to yours and I have also become frustrated. I think that the caviar is not being sold because it was not in as high of a demand and maybe because the caviar leather is so durable, people are keeping them? I would suggest that you try consignment shops in your area...just a long as your not in Maryland, cause then you'd be my competition!!!
  6. I totally agree with what you're saying. Luckinly I am in :smile:

    It is frustrating though. I hear you. I bet owners just love them so much, they keep them and they last longer :smile: All the more reason to hold out for one :smile: