So. Cal tPFers - "Field Trip?"

  1. Just came back from the Long Beach Antique Flea Mkt. and saw lots of LV monos. Wouldn't it be fun to get together next month (Aug. 19) and have a look at what's there? At the least, we can brush up on "real world" experience as opposed to looking at eBay photos for auth. I saw alot of drek, but one dealer had beautiful pieces (and prices to match). I was looking at heat stamps, date codes, etc. but it would have been fun to have someone better versed than me for conversation. It starts early, but it's fun, I go every month. Waddya think? :party:
  2. this should be posted in the louis vuitton TPF meetings section at the top of the subforum.
  3. Thanks, I'll move it....
  4. sounds like fun