So. Cal. Outlet Shopping - not just Coach

  1. Hi Ladies,
    For those of you who live or have shopped in Southern California at outlets, do you have recommendations? My two teenage daughters and I will be heading down in a couple of weeks, planning to go to the Camarillo and Cabazon outlets. We are going to a family event, but making it a little longer trip to shop! ;) We'll be shopping for spring/summer clothes for the girls and I'll be looking for stuff to sell on eBay. Any stores that are a must for us? Any place else we should go that I'm not thinking of? (I've heard Coach in Barstow is great, just not sure I want to drive all the way out there).
  2. i love the gap outlet at Camarillo. i'll be there this weekend!

    be ready to walk and be patient when looking for parking. Camarillo is huge.
  3. Oh, i bet my girls will like the Gap outlet! I think we will be in Camarillo on the 15th, it's a Thursday. Will parking still be bad on a weekday? We will be at Cabazon on a Saturday.
  4. Camarillo and Cabazon are great! The Camarillo outlet has a Gap, Banana Republic and BCBG as well as a bunch of other stores. Those are my favorite there. Parking shouldn't be terrible on a Thursday, and it's not impossible on the weekend, just crowded and you'll need some patience. Have fun!
  5. Where in LA will you be staying? The reason I ask is because of traffic. If you plan on going to Camarillo on a weekday be prepared for traffic on the 101 freeway. I always go to Camarillo on the weekend and I just make sure to get there before noon and I have never had any parking problems. I know they have store listings on line for all the outlets. I would check them out and see if one has a MUST HAVE store that the others don't. I know at the Cabazon Outlet they have a Gucci, Burberry and Dior that the others don't have. If you go to Cabazon there on your way there you will pass the Ontario Mills Outlet mall which is worth stopping at as longs as you will be driving by it anyway. If you are looking for Coach Signature I think the only outlet that has it is Barstow but the rest of the mall sucks. Not worth it in my opinion unless you are on your way to Vegas and then there is a great outlet mall on the California/Nevada boarder. Oh I forgot I am pretty sure the Santa Barbara Coach outlet has Signature. But that is a free standing store not an outlet mall. But going to Santa Barbara itself is just worth a trip. I hope I helped if you have any other questions feel free to ask away.
  6. beljwl: i live in SB. what outlet are you talking about? there is only one Coach store here, and as far as i've ever known it's a boutique.

  7. Thanks for all your help! We will drive down Wed. and stay near the Camarillo outlets. Then Shop Thursday until about 2:00 and head to Disneyland after that. Saturday morning we will get up early (staying in Fountain Valley) to drive to Cabazon.

    Thanks so much for your info. We'll make the Ontario Mills a stop on the way to Cabazon!
  8. yay disneyland!!!

    i need to get back over there sometime soon :smile:

  9. The one on State Street. I started to doubt myself that it is an outlet and so I just called them (805) 884-1161 and they just confirmed they are an outlet. And they even sell Signature:yahoo:. I know it does not look like it is an outlet.
  10. woah-- the only one i know of is at la cumbre! i had no idea there was one downtown too! me thinks i'll have to check it out.:yes:
  11. wait, you are talking about la cumbre! they are an outlet? really? nothing ever seems to be on sale there...
  12. ok sorry for all the posts-- i think i found the one you're talking about. holy cow! thank you for bringing this to my attention! i know where i'm going tomorrow!
  13. I've never been to the outlets in camarillo so I don't know what they carry. I've been once to Cabazon and I was not impressed. No signature. I only found a scarf. I've heard that the one in Barstow is the best. On my next vegas trip I'll stop by the barstow outlets.

  14. LOL:yes: Let me know what you get. I have not been there for a while.

  15. Camarillo is alot like Cabazon. No Signature there either. On your next trip to Vegas if you have any money left after the Barstow store make sure to stop at the oulet mall at State Line. They are pretty good there and they also carry Signature.