So. Cal. Meet in BH

  1. We'll miss you PurpleD -- hope the call away is a fun one.
    and Choco Grace! I was hoping to take some memory lessons from you over tea. Oh well, I fully understand the need to save the gas, the environment, the time, etc. Hope to meet up another time, as you say.
  2. I‘d love to go but must follow up with my DS's dentist appointment. Hope I can meet your ladies at next LA H TPF meeting.
    Wish you all will enjoy the weekend there.
  3. chocograce - you know there is a lovely train from san diego to LA :graucho: purse-o-holic reports that the SCP hermes remodel will be done in feb/mar which would be a GREAT opportunity for a meet!

    dou.dou - sorry we won't meet on saturday, i was just admiring your collection in the reference thread!
  4. Just wondering how the meet went and if you gals are planning anything in December?
  5. meet was so nice. doloresmia posted pix on the action thread, i believe. go back to nov. 8 and you'll find us there!
    december might work, although weekends are probably booked up for folks. do you have any preferred days/times? oh and i think they wanted to meet in SCP next time... i'd probably carpool if i go down there (no use polluting our lovely state unnecessarily, right?)
  6. I think december would be great if people can make it....

    hopefully we can get a larger socal crowd for the SCP hermes re-opening
  7. sounds good. do you know: what's the date of the re-opening?
    oh and doloresmia, go to kaka's thread re: VL to comment on weight and other issues she's asking about. your gold HAC is that leather, right? sorry my little brain can't keep that stat in.
  8. Hi Ladies....I don't think they have the exact date of the opening...yet. Do you think they'll have a special opening night that is by invite only? I will definitely get together with you all for the re-opening.
  9. Only 2 more weekends till Christmas! I guess December is out then? Usually weekends work better for me esp. if I have to drive to SCP... If there is no December meetup, are you gals planning something for January? I would love to come out before I get too uncomfortable to move around or before I pop...LOL :p
  10. I am not sure about another H meet but I am tentatively planning the next general tPF meet for Jan 17th. I will be emailing evites out once the date is confirmed.
  11. My SA said the SCP re-opening would be late Feb, on schedule.
  12. excellent! it is a date to be!!!!
  13. I should be back in SoCal around end of Dec but don't think I'll be able to make the Feb opening ...:sad:
  14. I am going to be in LA Jan 18 for the week. Does this mean the SCP store is closed until February?

  15. Too bad you are not going to be here on the 17th. We are having a TPF meet.