So Cal 5-star Hotel Help!

  1. We're taking a much-needed weekend vacation the end of this month...! I've gotten us reservations at Spago (and special ordered a birthday cake, since we'll be celebrating his birthday... and requested patio seating)... need help with hotel, though. The Beverly Hills Hotel seems to have the best reviews on Trip Advisor... the others all have somewhat mixed reviews, although all still good. Anyone been to any of these / or others in the area --- have any comments? Also, any other restaurants we might try for breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner?

    The Beverly Hills Hotel
    The Hotel Bel-Air
    Peninsula Beverly Hills
    Raffles L'Ermitage Beverly Hills
    Beverly Wilshire Hotel
  2. Peninsula is a good one.
    If you're checking out NM, Mariposa in basement serves really good food for lunch. The carrot cake from the 3rd fl cafe is tdf.
    Madeo on Beverly Dr. has the best pasta in L.A. area IMO.
    Wolfgang Puck also has a new steak house*Cut* specializing in Kobe beef steaks.
    There're quite a few restaurants on La Cienega for different ethinic foods.
    If you specify what kind of food you're interested in trying, I can guide you in right direction.
  3. I'd also recommend checking out a few really awesome hotels in Santa Monica (not far from BH)

    Shutters on the Beach
    Le Merigot
    Fairmont Miramar

    Have fun!!!
  4. The Beverly Hills Hotel is awesome!!! They pay soooo much attention to details...another hotel you might want to try is The Four Seasons Hotel on Doheny. They are also pretty up there with the BHH.

    For breakfast, go to Toast on 3rd street. I think the cross street is Sweetzer. Lunch, go to the Farmers Market at the Grove on 3rd and Fairfax...and dinner, treat yourselves to a fine-dining meal at the Polo Lounge at the BHH.

    Enjoy your stay in So Cal!
  5. I LOVE Shutters, it has a magnificent view and for a trip to LA, you simply MUST stay on the beach!!

    PS - at Spago, the spicy tuna cone things are TDF :drool:
  6. My husband and I got engaged at Hotel Bel-Air. I liked the feel of the hotel, very old Hollywood. I would give you more details except everything was sort of overshadowed, lol. I remember thinking the service was pretty good though.
  7. That's my favorite from Spago also. So good!!!
  8. Thanks for your suggestions, guys :smile: