So. CA fire pics

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  1. I wanted to share with you a couple of the pics that I took yesterday. The kids and I drove to the city across from it, and took these from a big hill.

    In the second pic, you can see to the right, under where the smoke is blowing, those are all homes. They are hard to see, but that's where the ones in danger mostly were.

    Thank God the fire has moved south some, and away from homes. They hope to have it contained and out by Saturday. :amazed:

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  2. Wow! Those fires are always so scary!
  3. wow. it's so tragic but at the same time beautiful shots.
  4. I agree with Fayden on that one...tragic but also scenic and a little mesmerizing..
  5. Wow Mother Nature !!! Thanks for sharing,
  6. Great shots but very sad too. I just hope none of those homes will be destroyed.:worried:
  7. Wow....I really hope you guys get some rain soon.
  8. One more....the boys wanted me to show you the one where you can see the flames. :blink:
    It's near the bottom, before the cleared area...where the grey smoke is, to the left of the white smoke.

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  9. Thanks for sharing. Great photos. Scary though...
  10. Wow.. it kind of just makes you feel so small, that there's something so destructive that people still have very little control over.
  11. Exactly how I feel. You took the words right out of my mouth.
  12. Wow, those are amazing shots. I'm glad the fire has moved and that you and your family are all right, Bjara!
  13. Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts!

    Where I live there never was any danger...thank God.

    All the evacuee's are back in their homes now..and the toll road has opened back up.

    I went driving around last night trying to get some nightime photos...I'll post them later.

    They are trying to build a ring of fire all the way around the active fire, to make a fire break. I heard this AM they are almost done! :biggrin:
  14. I remember when I was about 8 years old we were driving to FL for vacation and some of FL was on fire due to no rain and we would pass the fires on the highway. Pretty scary. I only fear fires and tornados.
  15. Whoa!! :amazed: I hope everything will be ok asap. The air haven't been fresh around my area lately. :sad: