So buyers can leave neg. FB for delivery time?

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  1. So I got stuck with an incredibly nasty buyer who took ten days to pay for an item and then hounded me to ship first thing the next day, which I did. She chose the slowest method from Canada, and I advised her that it would take up to three weeks. A week later, she files a non-receipt claim through Paypal, saying that the tracking number I gave her was from 2003. Even though the Paypal agent apparently explained to her that "2010-02-03" was this current year and not 2003, she proceeded with the claim. The PP agent I spoke to said that she thought it was a scam to get both the item and the money and that I should sit tight and do nothing. Tracking showed that I had shipped it next day. She started sending me nasty emails AGAIN about how I should be reported and how terrible a seller I was for taking so long to get the item to her. Item gets delivered, Paypal closes the claim, she leaves me negative feedback saying that I was awful and rude (???) and that I took three weeks to ship.
    I know that Ebay will remove negative feedback that refers to Customs time or fees, but would that include delivery time? It is out of the seller's control, no? I've spoken to two separate Ebay CSRs and none of them seem to be able to give me a definitive answer...just wondering if anyone knows better? TIA!
  2. So sorry for you! I am dealing with something similar. A buyer in the UK paid for an item she won on the weekend so I sent the item on Monday via Express International to the UK. When ebay sent her the tracking number, it said "guaranteed delivery by February 8. (Note: I did NOT guarantee her anything- USPS did with the tracking number). She emailed me on February 10 saying she paid and she did not have her item that I guaranteed delivery by February 8. I tracked it and saw that it had left customs and emailed her and gently explained that the guarantee was sent by USPS and not me and that I am sorry customs held onto it for a few extra days, but that it was not under my control. A couple days later she emails me FURIOUS that she got a customs bill, that she was unaware of customs fees and wanted to know if I would pay her customs fees and let me know she was angry that she still didn't have her item. I gently explained (again) to her that customs fees are the buyer's responsibility and that they are assessed by her government and I have no control over them. I told her she should already be aware of this before buying internationally, but I pointed out that I do mention this in my auctions. Over the course of the next week, UK post attempted delivery 4 times before it was delivered after another week. Buyer then leaves me neutral feedback and dings all my stars saying that it was unfair of her to pay for customs charges she was not aware of and that she waited 3 weeks for the item. Angry, I did a feedback revision request via her and ebay stating that I did mention customs in my auction (again) and that she should be aware of this if she is going to be purchasing internationally and that the delay was not under my control. She revised it, leaving the neutral but complaining about the delay. Sometimes you just can't win. :sad: I work really hard to please buyers too, ship within the next business day and mostly offer free shipping. It's really unfair. Sorry it happened to you too. I will let you know if I hear from ebay too. I'm still waiting.
  3. :cursing: Sorry to hear this happened to you..horrible people make me so mad.
  4. If you shipped within the time you said you would in the listing, then it's fine. Even so, it says "seller USUALLY ships within ____ business days AFTER PAYMENT IS CLEARED" So if this buyer took 10 days to pay, there's a record of that. Therefore, this buyer is just an @$$hole and call ebay. Talk to someone on the phone.

    And this is why I refuse to sell to international buyers. Just too much BS.

    Good luck!
  5. I had a similar situation where an item was stuck in Turkish Customs and the buyer opened a case that ebay sided with me for. when the item arrived they left me a negative. i called ebay to have it removed and they said that they could not do so and the buyer was simply stating a fact that the delivery took a while and that was a legitimate feedback. I responded to their feedback by saying can not control turkish customs. maybe your situation with ebay will be different
  6. The feedback you received was clearly unfair. Sometimes ebay will remove unfair feedback, sometimes they don't. It helps to speak to a supervisor and be a bit if a squeaky wheel. Good luck.
  7. I agree. Call ebay.
  8. I think that, if a seller has proof of how they sent the item (i.e. that it was, indeed, utilising the promised/chosen shipping method), when they sent the item and that the item did in fact arrive safely in the buyer's hands (assuming the item delivered was as described, of course); they should be able to get any neg/neutral fb for shipping time removed, as it is not their fault if the shipper took longer than advertised to deliver the package.

    However, what eBay should and do do are two totally different things, of course! :shrugs:
  9. ^agree here.. you should call ebay and speak with a supervisor who will remove

    the fb.. and keep calling back until you get a supervisor that will remove it..
  10. I got a neg and 5 1's for slow USPS Parcel Post. 13 business days.
  11. I'm a relative newbie to ebay (only 6 purchases) but as soon as the auction closes I hit "pay now."

    The priority shipped items have all arrived in 2-4 days, even the ones that go ground w/o a tracking # show up in 3-5.

    I did buy a glass item that arrived shattered, and it took 8 back and forth messages, even after I had sent pictures of it, before the seller refunded the price as well as shipping costs. Some of her messages were literally one line sentences that said "oh, sorry to hear that" and "I wrapped it very secure" but eventually she did what was correct. I did not tag her with any feedback at all, as I felt at the time it was not the right thing to do. Thinking about it now I may have given her a "neutral" with points for an eventual full she was rather difficult to deal with.

    The touchy, spiteful feedback games does make me wary of selling on ebay, however. I found the research website where you can enter a member's user ID and read the feedback, negative as well as positive comments, very helpful in deciding who to deal with.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles.
  12. I'd call eBay and ask for the FB to be removed.
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    Just a piece of advice, I know that this might sound ugh, but don't use Parcel Post to send anything in the U.S. Often, the amount that it will cost to send it FC is not much different, and your buyers will be happier. I asked my postal agent once what the difference in cost was (for PP v FC), and most of the time it is less than a few dollars, if that. I think that it is worth it to make sure that those items get to you buyer as soon as possible.

    If they are larger, heavier items, you'd be better off to protect yourself and send the item with Priority.

  14. Agree with the one that said they do not use Parcel Post. I work in the PO and I know how long PP can take, the longer it bumps around in the mail the more likely it can be damaged as well.