SO Burgundy Matinee**CANCELLED**

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  1. Hey Ladies! So I don't know about you but the second pictures started coming out of the new bags with the Burgundy leather all I could think was "This would be AMAZING on a mattie!"

    So I e-mailed Codi and asked if it was coming out this season...sadly it never made it to production :cry: (Which I think is a real shame!)

    So my next question was if this leather would be available for special orders...I'm still waiting to hear back on this one. However, I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in doing this with me?

    I would personally want the long unfinished tassels that are on the new Teal Mattie and maybe suede burgundy flaps on it?

    So...who's interested?? ((I will update as soon as I hear back from Codi))
  2. That would be a great bag.
  3. :yes:

    I'm determined to get this bag made lol I just think it would be so beautiful and classic!
  4. that would be a gorgeous bag! sadly, i cant afford it right now. good luck though!
  5. So I just heard back from Codi. There is a chance that this order will be possible but the leather supplier is closed until September so she will not know for sure until then. However I think if we can do this special order it will be for $595 since this is the full retail price of the teal mattie.

    Anyway, should we wait until September to gather names (when we know for sure) or gather a list now so if it is available we can order ASAP (and receive this sure-to-be-lovely-bag by the holiday)??? (I've never done a SO before so any advice on which way to do this would be great!)
  6. I'm glad I did a search on this, I was just about to start a thread to see if anyone else wanted a mattie in burgundy! Whether the names of interested girls is compiled now or in september, I want in!

    1. Loeh2001
  7. yey! so it's not just me :smile:

    Ok well I guess we will start now! Just to make it clear this has not been confirmed but this is the e-mail I received from Codi:

    "So it looks like it may be possible but I won't know until Sept because where we get our leather in Italy from is closed until then. So that's the only update I have for now. So it's not bad news but it's not great news on the time front either."

    So I think we will be able to do this but it will not be confirmed until September (which gives us time to save!)

    Ok so, so far the girls with the completely unique burgundy mattie will be:

    1. EmilyB
    2. loeh2001
  8. all right emily! i really hope we (well, you really since you started it!) can make this happen!

    i've coveted the wine mattie, and after much research i feel it might be too red for me. i think the burgundy is the perfect shade, not too red, not too brown. it's also reminiscent of glazed expresso, which is a plus, too!

    i am hella excited about this! :rochard:
  9. i'm in the same boat! I wanted the wine but I didn't know how versatile it would be being a brighter red but then I saw burgundy on the MAM and I was sold! it seems like it has just enough brown to be a neutral and just enough red to add a pop of color!

    i so hope this does happen'd be just in time for the cold winter months if we ordered in september!

    who else will join us? come on ladies! you know you're interested!
  10. what can we do to drum up some business?


    i hope we're not the only one's drooling over this chance!
  11. #11 Jul 9, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
    ^^putting it in your signature was a good first start...I will go do the same!

    Update: Changed :biggrin:
  12. I think Codi said that the plum would be an option for a matinee too... Plum kind of looks like wine & burgundy.
  13. Gosh I am very interested in this SO, this bag will be gorgeous!! Plus it will give me time to squirrel away some money for it!! (((Deep breath)))---I'm in!!!
  14. Hrm..So it might be a go? I thought the Matties costed from 620 to 695..:s
  15. It looks like Aster Alice is pricing the teal Matinees at $625...
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