So bummed....

  1. I just got a response from Aloharag regarding the City in Ink that I've been so wanting. They said that they are sold out and won't restock it until fall :cry: I don't know what to do. Does anyone know where I can get one? I don't want to get if from Ebay.I only want the Ink because it will be my everyday bag. Help!
  2. That really bites :cry: I know how forward you were looking for it. You may want to try brownsfashions. The import tariff will run about $120 more, I think. That's where I got my ink city from, but that was a little while ago.
  3. Did you try the NYC boutique? When my husband bought my City for Valentine's Day, they had a City(s) in Ink.
  4. damn- that sucks! i was in there friday and they had one... :sad: musta sold out quick!
  5. Don't worry - I just spoke to Amy at Cult Status in Perth, Australia. They are getting the city in Ink in another 3 weeks, so at least that's still an option for you. Also there is one on Ebay at the moment 6856117993 - she is a TFSer and also someone who post here as well... (not my auction) :smile:... Good luck!
  6. Thanks everyone! I just checked brownsfashion website and they don't have the ink. :sad: I'll check the NYC boutique tomorrow and call. Do you gals know if I can just order one from NM?

    Thanks whippet72 I'll check that out. You're so lucky glily.
  7. My SA's name was Terry, but there was a guy there that was really nice. Wish I could remember his name. BTW, they were great to deal with. Sent the bag out ASAP. My husband had it in two days.

    Good luck. I think the Ink is beautiful!
  8. Whippet72, OMG the bag is beautiful! :nuts: I'm waiting this weekend to purchase it. Thanks for the heads up!

    Glily, Thank you! I will call Barney's NYC tomorrow and ask for Terry. Do they take phone orders? I hope so. I want to get a brand new one rather than a used one.
  9. Sorry to hear that, Pursegal. Did you try NM in SF? I thought I read in another post that they also carry B-bags? Not sure if they have the color you want, but maybe you can try calling them??
  10. [​IMG]

    not sure if this is ink- personalshoppers has it. preeeetty.
  11. Will do, I'll call them first thing. Thanks CAte!
  12. OMG FAyden! Thanks a lot. I hope it's still available. It's so beautiful :love: Thanks!
  13. Welcome! Hope you find your bag! :biggrin:
  14. pursegalsf

    Try calling Balenciaga NY--I just ordered my black city from Joseph (number is 212-206-0872) a little over a week ago and I believe they still had ink city bags at that time. He was very nice in choosing a bag per my specifications--I did not want much distressing. My bag is nice and smooth and a deep rich shade of black without the veiny look. Best of all, there's no tax on the purchase--just shipping charges (I think it was $15 for standard ground, $30 for 3 day and $35 for 2 day air). Good luck!