so bummed

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  1. no new wallet for me. sis and i were gonna get red zoe wallets in syracuse was gonna call to put aside when i got home since i cant call internationally from work. well she called and told me call on ur cell asap only 2 left. she got the last one! i called they said there was a merchandise error. no red or grey left in their store. sigh.
  2. Why can't you order it when ypou go in the store?
  3. intl shipping makes it sooo much more expensive
  4. Have you tried some department stores?
  5. well cant they have it shipped to the store and you pick it up? im almost sure this has been an option for me before
  6. in canada shipping is sooo pricey i find w duty and everything but the SA just called back. she thought i was asking for sick and something made her wonder if i wanted leather. i said absolutely since i wanted that all alogn anyways!