SO BUMMED - RM Morning After Woes!!

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  1. Hi all, I'm bummed beyond belief right now :crybaby:. Not about the bag itself, it looks gorgeous! I spent so much time deliberating about whether or not to get it, I budgeted for it, and it was going to be part of my Christmas present this year. I ordered one from a reputable online clothing site with 25% off (Revolve), I was so excited! I got an email confirming shipment and my card was charged, I was just waiting for my new lovely to arrive. Well, it never did. I finally called the company and they said that the bag had been OUT OF STOCK and that the computer shouldn't have let me order it in the first place. I protested that I had shipping confirmation AND my card has been charged, and she reversed the charges and offered me a discount on another item in the future. But I'm so bummed, seriously, it was the perfect bag AND it had a good discount. This has never happened to me (I've been lucky I guess), ugh, what do I do?

    Can anyone suggest a place where I can order another MA bag with some discount? Any color but brown. Gosh, I'm so depressed.
  2. Awww what a shame..... I'm sorry. <<hug>>

    How about Luna Boston?
  3. I got my RM morning after mini from Luna Boston. Great service and 20% off with code "grechen." I'm not sure if it's still working but give it a shot. Good luck!
  4. Which bag are you looking at?? Morning After??? mini?? Have you seen the Matinee??
  5. Ick that really sucks! I am so sorry that that happened to you. You can try Lunaboston or

    Good luck in the future!
  6. Actually Label360 is offering a 25% discount right now. Call and ask for Brittany. She's AWESOME. They'll order one in for you....whatever you want if it's not on their site.

    Hope this helps!
  7. Thank you for all of the suggestions, ladies, I see that lunaboston and active endeavors both seem to have a good selection. I have to wait for Revolve to remove the charge before I can reorder, who knows how long that will take, but I'll be reordering from one of those two sites. If anyone knows a code for active endeavors and is willing to post it, I would be really grateful! Thanks for the support, ladies, I actually cried a little. So silly, but I had been looking forward to the bag so much!
  8. Label360 is good? I've never heard of them, but I'm willing to give them a try! I only see a Matinee on the site right now.
  9. They're not only good, they're EXCELLENT!!! Amazing customer service! Call!!!!! They'll order anything you want....might even have some in stock.....

    Let us know what happens. But rest assured, it's a good, authentic store.

    Happy shopping!!!!
  10. I just returned an eggplant MA to the Nordstrom in Woodfield, IL this morning. I know they ship for $8.95, because that's how I got it. It was marked down to $398ish.
  11. Ok, thanks again for the advice, like I said, I have to wait for the charges to be reversed before I reorder. But I will keep you updated and check back for any other advice. You ladies are making me feel better already.
  12. If the online options don't work out, give a call to Nordstroms. They should still be on sale and I hear some have been shipped out to Nordstrom Rack as well?
  13. Oooh, soccermom, I'm only 2 hours south of Woodfield, hmm, maybe I'll just drive up and look around. My birthday is next week, so I could totally justify the trip. Is the selection good? I would feel better having bag in hand after this fiasco.
  14. ^Which bag had you ordered from Revolve? I ask because they offer an option where they can special order out of stock bags.
  15. Really? I'll call back. I ordered the MA bag in berry. But they didn't offer to reorder it for me, they just said that the order had been cancelled.