So Coach loss...

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  1. Almost 2 years my husband bought me this silly little Coach seahorse cell phone charm. We had just suffered a miscarriage and on our way home from the doctor, my husband took my to Coach to "cheer me up" and I found this little charm that I loved...we decided we'd be like seahorses...upward and on. It meant the world to me, and every time I looked at it, it gave me hope.

    So, PS...I've carried this little thing with me for the past two years.. at first on my cell phone and then eventually my keys (my iPhone has no place to attach it).

    Three days ago my Land Rover's transmission light went on...I pulled over and called AAA--if you have a LR you know that warning lights are nothing to play with so you have to act fast. In the madness, I forgot to take the charm off my keys which went with my car to LR.

    Turned out be a false alarm, but my break system needed yesterday I got my car back...and my charm is gone. Gone. I've looked everywhere and called's gone for real.

    I am heartbroken and mad. I know it sounds stupid, and I know I can replace it for a few bucks...but it's not so much the charm itself as it is the meaning behind it and what I remember when I look at the charm. I'm just so bummed...I've even cried over this, can you believe that? :cry:
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss! It's absolutely understandable that you are upset over this, it isn't just a small tangible item that you're upset over - it's a history and a memory that helped you through a very hard part of your life. It's horrible that someone snatched your charm. Perhaps you can use this as another step forward, be happy that it brought you through the hard time and now be self-satisfied that you're stronger.
  3. Aww...I'm so sorry for your loss. I understand that it's more about the meaning of the object than the object itself. :sad:
  4. I'm so sorry! You have every right to be upset. I agree with the other posters. It got you through such a hard time, and maybe it was time to let it go (in a messed up way)...but not the memories.

    What a sweet hubby though!
  5. Hugs... Sorry you have lost something that has so much meaning.
  6. I would be just as upset as you are, you have every right to be. I understand how much it means to you. :sad:
  7. awww sending hugs too im so very sorry to read this happen to you. :O(
  8. I am so sorry that this happened to you. That's awful! I really hope that you find it soon.
  9. I am really overwhelmed by all your kindness...

    I think Borntoshop may be right...that in some way it is time to let it go. Fate having its way over things.

    I'm sad to think that I was so careless and that I didn't think about it enough to remove it from the set...but there is nothing I can about it now. I can't beat myself up over it, and although I did ask LR to call if it was found, I doubt it ever will be returned. I mean, sentiment aside, it was really cute.

    My husband has been encouraging me to find another (tons on ebay) and buy it...but it's not so much about the charm, its more about the meaning behind it. I know I can replace the "thing" but I cannot replace what that specific one.
  10. I am sorry to hear that you lost your charm.. maybe you could fine a new to show how far you have come and a new chapter ? (I do hope that it shows up though)
  11. very sorry to hear about your charm. I know it meant alot to you
  12. So sorry that you lost it :sad:
    (urks me that someone else took it though)
  13. My heart goes out to you! You have the memory of the kindness your husband had at that critical point in your life and while it is hard to think about replacing it because of the meaning behind it you still have the "upward on" to fall back on, so I would go ahead and get another one off of the bay. I understand it will not be the same, but when you see it you will still remember!
  14. Oh, I don't know if someone took it...I hope no one did. I am hoping that it simply "fell off"...and wherever it is, I hope it has a new home where someone can appreciate it's worth.

  15. Oh I'm so sorry you lost that beautiful charm...chin up my chapter..and of course you have a loving husband to be there every step of the way!