So Bummed (Minilisa)

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  1. So I found a Minilisa purse which I have been wanting for a while now. It is the Mandarin color and I bought it off of ebay. I've never had any problems buying purses on ebay before. However, she came in the mail today and my excitement was killed when I realized that though she was advertised as being New: With Tags, she has clearly been used! There was even a folded up dollar bill in the inside pocket. I must say she is in decent shape, but when you look up close you can easily see worn leather parts.

    What should I do? Send her back to the seller, or just keep her and try and enjoy carrying her. I usually don't like second hand bags, just a personal thing for me. She doesn't have any odors or down. Thoughts?
  2. If you are unhappy you should contact the seller .... absolutely contact them. You bought a NEW bag and it's not new. Ask for a partial refund.

    However...........a little Lubriderm or Lexol should make her good as new. If you are in love with the bag but disappoined that she's used try to gussy her up cos the Minilisa is awesome! :yes:
  3. Yeah, what voo said...

    If you don't want it, see if you can get a refund and send it back - if not, see if you can get a partial refund and condition it! You can always dye it a more orange color too if need be!
  4. I 100% the seller, and if you really do not want to keep it because it was used, then you can file a dispute because it was not as means new...not "like new"...but that is a harder color to come by so I guess it depends on how much the difference will bother you...
  5. I agree! Contact the seller and if they don't comply, get ebay and pay pal involved. You were misled.
  6. Thanks everyone. I have contacted the seller and requested a refund, but that was two days ago, and, crickets. She is a totally awesome purse, and I have wanted a Minilisa forever and I LOVE the color, aauughh.
  7. You should post pics of this beautiful Minilisa :nuts::nuts:

    Still...the seller misled you ... if you don't hear from them I agree w/ reporting it to eBay.
  8. Hi Steffy sorry you had to go through this, I think it is just wrong for a seller to say NWT when they know they used it. I had it happen to me once. The Minilisa is an awesome bag so I hope you enjoy and get some of your money back. We would love to see pics of her anyway as Voo mentioned ^
    Congrats on an awesome color and bag!!
  9. A similar situation happen to me, I was mislead with a purchase on ebay...said item was new, but it smelt like smoke and was dirty. I filed a dispute and with no problem got a full refund. But in your case since you really love the Minilisa and the color....I would probably ask for a partial refund...a little bit of Lexol will make her look like new. Minilisa is a beautiful bag. Please try to post pictures before you send her back....;)
  10. FWIW, my opinion is similar to the others. Since you love it and it's now a hard to find colour, I'd probably keep it, but due to both the mis-representation, and the time, effort and money (to buy Lexol, or Kiwi, or Lubriderm) you're going to have to put into re-conditioning it to *like* new - it's still never going to be a "new" bag - I'd ask for probably half (depending on what you paid) back. I'd think eBay would be very interested in this, since it reflects badly on them when sellers misrepresent merchandise. Have you filed a dispute w/ eBay yet? Keep us up to date, and good luck.