So bummed...dropped my Rolex

  1. I just had to vent...dropped my watch from my dresser onto hardwood the other night. As soon as it hit the floor, I knew something was wrong. Brought it into the jeweler where I bought it yesterday and he says that it looks like I dislodged the movement. Probably 5 weeks at the Rolex Service Center and only 3 months out of the extended warranty, sigh.

    Talk about the stupid things that needlessly waste money! I miss wearing my watch already.

  2. I'm so sorry!!! My DH dropped the same watch twice in two months onto the kitchen tile and we had to get a new crystal both times!!! I recently chipped the edge of the crystal for my Rolex, so I know how aggravating it is!!! I keep a small wooden box with a lid on my dresser and put all of my daily jewelry in it (earrings, rings, watch) so that it doesn't fall off my dresser. I hope time flies quickly so that you get your watch back very soon!!!
  3. Ouch!!!!! What does it cost to fix this??

    I feel for you....but it will return to you good as new!!!
  4. Thanks for the commiseration, gals. No idea on the cost jeweler will call me as soon as he hears from Rolex. Definitely hoping it will come back just like new!
  5. OMG, I am so sorry! I would cry if mine was broken :crybaby:
  6. Rolex will make it just like new. They do great repairs! Sorry this happened. Thankfully it can be fixed!:tup:
  7. So sorry! I can imagine how heartbroken you are. Good thing Rolex is such an amazing company. They will def. take good care in repairing your watch. You could always get a new bag to cheer yourself up!
  8. I'm sorry, but at least you didn't lose yours like I did mine after only having it for 6 months. And of course I didn't have it insured. Had to buy a replacement one cause I missed it so much,and the new one is now insured.

    Thinking this might be a great time for you to buy a second watch! :nuts: I bought a white Chanel watch which I love as an alternative to my Rolex.
  9. Ouch! I hope it doesn't cost too much! And sometimes watch manufacturers will say five weeks, but it doesn't always take that long, so hopefully it'll be back sooner for you!
  10. Thanks, all! I have been eyeing a number of watches thanks to you all (J12 and H-our come to mind), but at the end of the day, I really just want mine back!

    I'll be in NYC the week after next, we'll see if I feel like I can live without a watch then! ;)