So bummed about Sparkle Tweed Alexa

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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to share my disappointment on the Sparkle Tweed Alexa. I got it just last August and since it was my first Mulberry, plus it came in a light color... i bought the whole collini leather gel and waterproof spray the Mulberry store advised me to only use with the Alexa.

    I took it out for a day and everything was fine. I was getting the hang of the buckles and stuff. My sister then wanted to borrow it (we always share) and got the shock of her life when the back of the bag became black -- from her black pants! :faint:

    We immediately tried the leather gel cleaner Mulberry advised me to use, but it only spread out the color. I almost like used one-fourth of the entire pot and still no improvement. I was getting desperate so I gritted my teeth and tried Apple Gard -- considering that the current state before Apple Gard was close to Olive green... how could anything get any worse right?

    Mind you, I tried so hard to shed a tear. :cry:

    Apple Gard helped things by making it more beige-y but still at least 2 shades darker than the original Sparkle Tweed. My hubby says it wasn't that bad anymore... but still! I knew that lighter leathers would be delicate but c'mon! I now don't know if I should have started with Apple Gard instead of the Collini thing the SA suggested.

    I'm partly kicking myself for not getting Oak, and partly annoyed that I should have gotten a PS1, or a totally different bag altogether. I expected far better quality with the price I paid. I know of Bottega bags that go through a similar discoloration, but not as bad as turning into Olive green, when the original is beige! :tdown:
  2. take it to a Mulberry store and see what they say
  3. I'm sorry you've had this experience dopey, alot of the light colours do suffer from colour transfer problems. I'd definitely speak to customer services or take the bag in store and ask them to replace or refund you x
  4. Thanks for the advice Fongchau and tiggernic! the problem is i don't live in a country where there is a Mulberry store. I may travel to Singapore next month where there is a Mulberry store. Hopefully they could do something about it.
  5. Definitely drop them an email though, they might be able to offer an alternative, or ask you to post it to them. Worth asking them I think:
  6. Yes, email them with pictures of the bag and tell them what happened and see what advice they can give. Their customer service is very good and they do want to help when problems arise
  7. Oh. dear. ;(

    I have a bright yellow leather purse that has had similar experiences (the back bottom corners are bluey-green from rubbing against my dark denim and black denim) but a) it was only a small area considering I used it every day for eight months and b) it was only two hundred bucks. Nowhere near the Mulberry price. AND rubbing the discolouration with a damp cloth actually cleared it up a lot.

    I'm so sorry you've had this experience with such a beautiful bag.

    Hopefully Mulberry CSRs can do something to help out before you make the trek to Singapore. Good luck!
  8. Thanks guys! i would surely email Mulberry customer service today. For everyone's reference, I'm posting a picture of the bag's current condition (after Apple Gard). It's really not that bad, just really darker than the original.

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  9. I am so sorry your bag was discoloured :sad:. I hope Mulberry are able to help you!

    The colour transfer is the reason I am not brave enough to go for light coloured messenger bags anymore, no matter how beautiful they are. I use a lot of denim and a light coloured bag and denim is not a good match. Oak coloured bags also suffer from colour transfer, even the older Mulberry styles. Vanilla and lemon were other colours that you could easily see colour transfer on.

    I don't think it is a problem of the leather, as it is the denim fabric that releases the colour. I have had colour transferred from jeans to white shirts and coats and I guess this is unavoidable if there is rubbing and "loose" colour in the jean.
  10. It's still quite noticeable though. And for the price of the sparkle tweed, I would expect better quality of the leather to ensure it doesn't happen!! I hope they replace the bag for you.
  11. i don't think it looks too bad but i can see why your heart broke! Hopefully CS can help you!
  12. mmm i own the nude plonge leather alexa and i can only wear this with light colours, i wouldnt even think about wearing it with dark colours. and i always thought that the light sparkle tweed would be the same.
    im horrified that a SA told you to put collonil gel on it!!!! that would obviously stain a light coloured bag considering it makes a oak bag a slightly darker shade!!!!
    i would imagine you could only used colloil waterstop spray on it.

    i would email mulberry and explain to them that this happened and a stupid SA told you to use collonil gel on it!
    the fact that it had colour transfer anyway im sure would be enough for them to help you.
    i would email mulberry and they will be able to advise you further :smile:
  13. I saw a Powder Sparkle Tweed Alexa instore yesterday - they've been around for a few weeks now and this display bag was looking decidedly grubby. It was very offputting. The leather seems quite matte in places (the leather between the raised crosshatching of the sparkle tweed effect - which Mulberry say will rub off with time and wear) and I think this makes it extra-absorbent, picking up dirt/colour really easily.

    There's a fine line between a delicate bag/material and a design fault.
  14. Isn't a bit much to charge so much for a bag and admit that the tweed pattern will rub off with wear??!!!! Just my opinion. It's a beautiful bag and a great shame it's so delicate. Hope mulberry sort it out for you dopey
  15. oh no it doesnt look too bad but i should not be this delicate i hope you have some luck with customer service. x good luck