So, Britney Hit The Clubs Last Night.

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  1. [​IMG]
    The singer stayed out partying until the early hours of the morning
  2. She looks great apart from her top, but her face, hair and figure are all good! Good on her she is trying so hard.
  3. I love her Kangol hat. Physically she looks good. But man o man she needs a stylist.... badly.
  4. I agree, I'm not sure why she won't get one, especially now. Maybe she does not trust anyone or something...
  5. Oh dear......why does she keep doing this? Less is more Brits!
  6. Her body looks tight now after two kids, but christ someone get this woman a stylist!
  7. Good lord - someone help her dress.
  8. is it just me or does she have an obsession with meshy material lately.... which is soo wrong
  9. Oh my...
    Mesh... very, very bad!!!
    Icky, tangled platinum wig... terrible!!!
    She looks to be in great shape, so good for her on that, but the wig and top are horrid and ruin an otherwise pretty good look.

    Oh, and isn't she supposed ot be on the wagon? Guess she fell off...
  10. I wish I had a body like that after my kids!! Thank Goodness I dont dare dress like that though...
  11. Geez! What's wrong with this girl? She has two little ones at home and she goes out all the time looking like a tramp. She needs to start dressing and acting in a more dignified manner for the sake of her kids.
  12. She is so nasty.
  13. Her body looks HOT!!!
  14. I wish my bod looked that good after 2 kids!!! Youth is on her side.

    She could look SOOOO gorgeous with the right stylist....or good taste of her own. She does seem obsessed with see-through tops, lace, the OTT sexy-look, etc. She just doesn't know how to do them right! Someone please dress her! Anyone!!!!
  15. Oh man, she looks eughhhh!! I love her figure though!!