so.. bought a few things,still undecieded?

  1. I went a little nuts today and bought way more than I intended too. Now I need to deciede what to keep.

    Here is what I bought -
    Saleya mm -azur
    groom coin purse
    violette pochette cles
    speedy 30 - azur

    So - I really like the azur print, however I just am not sure I LOVE either azur bag I bought. Does anyone here own both these azur bags - which one do you like better?

    Also I am really worried about color transfer from my denim on them too - is that a problem?

  2. If you are worried about denim transfer, maybe sticking with the shoulder style Saleya would help? Out of your list, I like the Saleya and cles the best.
  3. Oooooh I have been looking for the Groom Coin Purse for ages! Lucky you, please post pics! :smile:

    I think you should return one of the azur bags.
  4. Get rid of the groom. You have selected two GORGEOUS Azur bags! Although I haven't seen it in person, I would think the violette is probably quite lovely with the Azur. I put an Amarante Inclusion Speedy on my Azur Speedy 30 last summer -- perfect!

  5. Wow, you picked up a lot of amazing stuff! I have an azur speedy and it does get color transfer from denim sometimes but I just wipe it with baby wipes at the end of the day and it comes right off. I think you should definitely keep it though, it's such a nice bag! :yes:
  6. Keep the azur speedy! Mine did get denim transfer, but only on the corners in the back. I don't's just a great looking bag!
  7. I'd personally keep the Speedy 30 and the Violette cles ... they actually look good together! Maybe buy a wallet instead when you return the others?