So bored...

  1. I was really bored so i went to eBay, and reported as many fakes as i could find, we should make a club! :yes: :yes: TPFers against fakes!:shrugs:
  2. Good on you:flowers: I report as many as I can too..hate scammers:rant:
  3. i feel bad for the people who dont know its fake, but then again theres people who DO know its fake and still bid!
  4. Why would they bid for fakes? :wtf:
  5. Lol I did that yesterday with a bunch of CB items..some of them were up over $100!
    I ALWAYS report the ones that go for such an obsecene amount of money..those are the ones I report first.
  6. I did the same thing for a couple of hours this morning when everything was slow. It's my form of community service!
  7. yea! i saw a REALLY fake MC "ellipse" going for $500 i think its gone now...
  8. Lol..I just NOW noticed I spelled it wrong..I MEANT "obscene."
    Anyway I know..I tend to report more Cerises and Cherry Blossom items than anything. Ugh. What I hate is when those "Cherry Blossom Speedies" get up to like $600. Sometimes I message the buyer and ask if they know it's not a real bag..then I give them a link to mypoupette and a couple other places to prove that there was never a CB Speedy made, just in case they come back with that "you're just jealous that you're not winning it" excuse.
  9. i think if more ppl start reporting fake bags, things will really get better in eBay.. good work ladies!
  10. I have done this before - def think we should all take a more proactive approach against the scammers!!!
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