1. I read a lot about and as I am from the UK this is new to me so I had a look. There are some fab H shoes on there that I really like, but there are bags too, some that I couldn't get from a store here.

    I am sure that some of you have had reservations about this site in the past. Ignoring the fact that shopping in a real store is much much more fun....Would you buy from bluefly?
  2. I would consider it if it was something I really wanted and couldn't find elsewhere. Still but I would want anyone else to go into the transaction aware of their issues:
    - They have authenticy issues since they buy from "resellers" they don't authenticate what they buy. If it is a fake you can always return it but...
    - They're really slow at processing returns (I've waited 8 weeks before)
    - If you need to use customer service you will be one the phone for a while and it may take several calls to resolve the situation.

    Also, keep your tracking number for any returns since they have lost mine before. I don't know if I would have gotten my money back without it.
  3. thank you ZZ!
  4. I've heard the same from a friend who had an experience with Bluefly. Took for ever to process her return.
  5. Hi!
    I think bluefly is a great site.
    But the only ship to a few places in Europe...