So**BLUE**is the winner: What's your favourite**BLUE**? Finding tPFs perfect BBag!!

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What is your all time favourite **BLUE**?

  1. '03 Blue

  2. '04 Dark Turquoise

  3. '04 Turquoise

  4. '05 Indigo

  5. '05 Teal

  6. '05 Sky Blue

  7. '05 Turquoise

  8. '05 Navy

  9. '05 Ice Blue

  10. '06 Ink

  11. '06 Cornflower

  12. '06 Blue India

  13. '06 Bleu Roi

  14. '07 French Blue

  15. '07 Blue Glacier

  16. '07 Marine

  17. '07 Aquamarine

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Well, I'm more of a green person (voted green in the other poll) but blue is my 2nd favourite. Can't vote cos I like two - 05 Turquoise and 07 French Blue.
  2. For me, it has to be Aquamarine '07. I have seen all of the blues from previous seasons and none of them has grabbed my attention and made me want to purchase a Blue bbag like aqua. It's so multi-dimensional!:yes:

    My second favorite blue is probably '05 Teal.
  3. I am really curoious to see who will win!:yes:

    What are your predictions?

    Mine are either Blueberry, Blue India, Cornflower or French Blue... but Indigo and Sky Blue are also really popular! This should be very interesting!:popcorn:
  4. I am really digging Marine at the momement but am partial to ink.
  5. ^^It's hard to decide, isn't it-they're all so pretty in their own way!:love:
  6. My favorites are 05 Turquoise and 07 French Blue. I voted for FB since I've never seen turq IRL.
  7. HI... I picked Ice Blue . I love Ice Blue but the yellowing scared me away from it but if I could find a mint like new one ..I would risk it :smile:
  8. Well... while I really :heart: all of the blues I currently have: Blueberry, Marine, & Aqua...

    Blueberry is probably my fav "go-to" bag, and is also the color that drew me to Bbags in the first place!! So it has to get my vote! :yahoo:
  9. If money were no object, I would own a LOT of Blue BBags! There are soooo many gorgeous ones to choose! BUT, since I only have ONE, it is BLUE ROI/BLUEBERRY!

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  10. I forgot to mention: I chose Blue India:yes::heart:
  11. [​IMG]

    Teal '05! :heart:

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  12. [​IMG]
    Cornflower hands down for me!
  13. I don't know... I love Ink, French Blue and Blue Glacier. I voted Ink because it's so multidimensional, but we'll see how I feel once my Blue Bbag Windfall gets here...
  14. I voted Ink! French Blue would be a close second!