So Black Reissue in Chevron or Quilts?! (Pics inside!)

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  1. I've been wanting a So Black bag for awhile, and I think I'm ready to pull the trigger on a reissue in the 225 size. But...I can't decide between one in chevron or with quilts. Does anyone have either of these bags who can speak to their wearability?

    I think the chevron is beautiful, but I wonder if it looks too trendy and I'll get over it soon. But I do feel like the chevron really suits this bag and hardware combo, so I'm torn.

    For reference, I also have a quilted 226 reissue in a dark olive green color, a quilted boy bag, and a quilted CF (and looking to buy another CF with different leather and hardware) I have a decent amount of quilted stuff. I also have a burgundy chevron reissue in the 226 size, which I loved initially but eventually it just felt too big to me so I stopped wearing it (and now plan to sell it) -- but I still like the chevron on it.

    If you have one of these bags and wouldn't mind posting a mod shot, I wouldn't be mad about that either. ;)

    And here are a couple pics of the two bags I'm interested in (note: these aren't my pics and I'm not planning to buy either of these specific bags -- these pics are just for reference). Thank you!! :smile:


  2. I love the chevron! I think it really suits the bag plus you already have so much quilted.

    I have a nude chevron 225 and a black quilted 227 and love them both.
  3. I vote chevron as well! Theres something about the chevron on the reissue, its just gorgeous. Also biased because it's on my wishlist :smile:
  4. Quilt quilt quilt! It’s just so much more classic. I have the quilted so black as well. But i always grab quilts over chevrons. I just think it’ll stand the test of decades better :smile:
  5. I have black and beige 2.55 reissue in 226 size in chevron.

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  6. Chevron
  7. Another vote for chevron! I have it in the 226 size. My other two reissues are quilted. I think chevron is very classic too, and a nice change of pace. IMG_0647.JPG
  8. Chevron but I might be biased as it’ll be my next bag :biggrin:
  9. Another vote for chevron! I have a 226 so black reissue in chevron and love it. It’s so edgy & chic, mine has worn beautifully and still looks brand new.
  10. I was in a similar boat- I bought both to compare side by side, loved the quilted when it arrived (thought I was done) then the chevron arrived, and the decision was made! The chevron! I think it really suits the reissue- I think it is classic, but still trend forward...something about chevron looks way more elevated than the quilts!!!
  11. I love my quilted reissues but am looking to add another chevron to balance it out. For so black I would vote for chevron.
  12. I had a chevron aged calfskin 225 in black with the so black hardware as well as a quilted aged calfskin 225 in white, also with the so black hardware. While both were lovely bags, my heart sang a little louder for the chevron. There has always been something about the chevron that makes me weak in the knees!

    HOWEVER, the chevron bag's leather was much softer than that of the quilted, which made me very concerned about the longevity of the structure of the bag. So much so that I hardly ever used it for fear of structure loss over time. Eventually, I decided to part ways with it because I couldn't justify having it, only to see it sitting on a shelf and never using it.

    If structure is something that is important to you, my suggestion would be to get the quilted. But, there's always a special place in my heart for chevron!
  13. Chevron
  14. Chevron!
  15. Definitely chevron! It's on my list too. :flowers: