SO Black KDT Bracelet


Apr 14, 2006
Not sure if I am too late to find this but has anyone seen the SO Black KDT in XS (probably might be able to make S work though)?


Sep 23, 2010
Two weeks ago there was a SO Black KDT at Madison in size S OR M. Sorry, I don't have the great memory of some of the girls on this board.... but you should call them.

You may want to consider "settling" for a S if you could make it work for your wrist.
My DH just spent a few weeks tracking down an XS Black KDT PHW... one piece finally turned up at H on Wall St. As per DH's SA, the only other XS Black KDT PHW was apparently out in Hawaii but in poor condition as it was the display. He was told that XS are really hard to find and most of them are sent to Asia.

I have tiny wrists (barely 5.5 inches) and the XS KDT is actually quite fitted. I like it fitted, but I could probably wear a Sif I didn't mind it moving around a bit. HTH!