So Black Classic Flap

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  1. I did a search & couldn't find the specific answer to my question. I'm super interested in a so black classic flap & I'm looking at pre-owned. One thing I noticed was the black seemed to wear off the turnlock. I noticed it on more than one bag. Is this a common problem with the so black classic flaps? I couldn't really find much about it anywhere...TIA!
  2. It is very common with the 13S so black- the quilted lambskin with the matte black hardware. Most of the ones I have seen on the presale market have a faded turnlock. I also have this bag and sent my bag in after a few years to have the turnlock fixed. The later styles with the shiny black hardware (15S, 17S...) do not seem to have this problem with the faded/worn off turnlock. None of mine besides the 13S have had any problems, and the turnlocks still look perfect.
  3. I had the 17S boy. Black hardware chipped; never even used the bag. Brought it back for repair. I love bhw a lot. But after that experience, I’m hesitant. a lot of ppl here though use their bhw bags everyday, having much better luck than me.
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  4. I actually asked my SA and she said this does happen, and told me not to be surprised if it chipped. Its really sad
  5. I have a black lamb so black boy and a patent so black mini both from 2018 and neither have chipped. I don’t really baby my bags either. The SAs I purchased them from said they never heard of any chipping problems from the bags they have sold. Maybe this problem has been fixed.
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  6. I hope so, after paying thousands for a bag I wouldn't want it to chip.
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  7. The chipping is what has kept me from buying one of the SB’s. I wish I could know definitively which seasons have chipping and which don’t - presuming there is a season that doesn’t. :shrugs:
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  8. Thanks for the responses everyone! I just don't know what to do. I love love love how the black hardware looks, but I also know it would drive me nuts to have to baby it bc I don't baby them. I'll forget about the so black for a while & then I'll start thinking about it again. This has been going on for a few years. Lol! My caviar WOC is at Chanel now bc the leather in the strap came unstitched. It's already annoying me that's going to cost $150 -yes, I've had it 2 years, but still...I'd prob be REALLY unhappy having to get black hardware fixed/replaced/however they fix it...
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