SO Black bracelet?

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  1. Did I hallucinate this? I think I saw a post yesterday that said H is making So Black Kelly Double Tour bracelets, but now I can't find the post anywhere. Can anyone confirm this or did I make it up? :thinking:
  2. I've asked two SA in two different cities. They said KDT IS in production for the line but not all the managers bought them for the stores since (like previous so black threads), they were worried about the scratching issue.
  3. Thanks, Adia Daphne!
  4. NY is supposed to get them. I was SO informed when I got my SO Black Kelly. And I must say, it is SO much fun to capitalize the SO in a sentence.

  5. ^LOL. Love your new bag, BTW restricter!
  6. Yup! I saw some pics of it, and it is gorgy!!!! I hope I can get it, but seems like chances are slim......(sorry I can't tell you where I saw the pics...)
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but what is this SO Black bracelet? Any pictures? :smile:
  8. :biggrin:

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Off to H today, but don't know if my store would get them in. Even if so, that sounds pretty fragile for a bracelet, which I invariably end up scraping on doorjambs and whatnot.
  9. oddinary The bracelet is the Kelly Double Tour bracelet (easily findable with Search- it wraps around your wrist twice with a turnlock closure), in all black with black hardware. HTH
  10. It sounds gorgeous! I hope I can get my paws on one!
  11. Wow... that sounds stunning...!
  12. [​IMG]

    i had this saved from a thread- forgot which one!

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  13. IT'S GORGEOUS! I WANT ONE! :drool::drool::drool:
  14. Thanks, hannahsophia!
  15. Yeah I really really want one too!!!:drool: