SO Batignolles Horizontal in Damier?

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  1. Has anyone inquired into this possibilty? I love the style of BH but I don't really like the monogram line. How does one go about a special order? I'd appreciate any details on cost and wait time, etc.
  2. Might be interesting...

    Have u looked at the saleya?
  3. yes, thanks . . . . . I have a Saleya PM and I love it! I wanted to get a different style for a tote. I have been thinking about Uzes or Parioli, but I like the look of BH, too!
  4. You can get the cabas mezzo or piano, but not any of the batingnolles bags. I called recently to inquire and am disappointed :sad:. The bags might just be too new for them to start that yet.

    The price of a cabas piano SO in damier is $1,030.
  5. I want to SO the Bat Hor in Damier. It would be hot hot hot!

  6. Me too. I would jump right at it if they make Damier BH! I like the Damier line but none of their tote style have hit it right on the mark.