So Basically there is no way to get the Fendi Vintage Crocodile Tote?

  1. the one that Ashley Olsen has? OH my goodness...i can't believe i just started taking a look at fendi because i really love & want this bag...however, i don't think they sell it anymore/no where to be found? even on eBay i looked...sorry gals if i'm a bit late ! so basically no where to get this bag huh? :tdown:
  2. so i called the fendi stores and they said they will be re-introducing the crocodile tote next spring =) but it will be around $20,000! hah
  3. really really? ! OMG OMG! I love this bag! seriously!!!!!!!!!!
  4. yes it's true! spring 2008 =)
  5. I'm so excited even though it is waaaaaay outta my price range lol!!!

    ooo bag eyecandy time!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. the bag is gorgeous but $ 20,000? :nuts:

  7. i know! the SA from fendi (well BOTH SA's from different locations) said this bag Definately wouldn't be under $10,000 and probably wouldn't be under $15,000 ! she said around $20,000...if it's less than that it probably wouldnt be that much less :X
  8. I'm not surprised, esp when you look at the Hermes croc bags...
  9. how much are those?
  10. Croc is one expensive reptile. There's nothing remotely like croc skin, though. So gorgeous and durable. It just gleams.

    That Fendi python's been relisted. Doesn't do it for me in this skin. Ashley Olsen's bag is more my speed, but not at that price tag! :wtf:
  11. Oh croc croc croc..... I'm just waiting to inherit my mum's black croc birkin....