So bad, yet so excited!!!!

  1. Can i just say :yahoo: for net-a-porter's 75% off. I have just purchased a Chloe Elvire leather tote, in shiny (patent) brown leather. I must admit haven't been too keen on the Elvire range, but the east west tote is rather gorgeous and when saving £700 its even better. This bag reminds me a bit of the paddington with its shape, but i'm hoping won't be as heavy. I can't wait now for that knock on the door :woohoo: And thanks to TPF i got my money back after buying a fake paddy, so was able to afford this bag, double yay. Love you guys :love::flowers::flowers::flowers:
  2. oh congrats!!!! It's such a good deal, you can't say it's "bad"!!
    And I agree, I think the bag is gorgeous!! Remember to post pics!!
  3. :tup:Oh LBB, I saw that bag on NAP this morning and was SO tempted by it:drool:. I'm on a strict bag ban so I had to get off the site quickly before I did something stupid (like buy it :s). I totally agree about the Elvire in general. The style never really did it for me (too redolent of the Mulberry bags I owned in the past) but this particular style in patent is TDF. Congratulations on the purchase, use it in good health and please be sure to post a pic when it arrives:smile:.
  4. The elvire patent is AMAZING....I have the hobo and is sooo soft!
  5. I am so happy for you - you deserve this happiness. And Elvires have grown on me big time ever since I saw modelling pics here on the forum. It is so fun and edgy!
  6. Thank you ladies for your kind words. I just can't wait for it to arrive now. Although i do kind of like the anticipation. However i am work at work tomorrow for a 12 hour shift, and i am expecting it to turn up then, so i have asked my DH to ring the delivery people to rearrange delivery on Monday, or i might phone in sick :graucho: I'll be thinking about it all day at work. Oh well it'll be worth the wait.
  7. whoo hooo! lucky you - stunning!