So-bad-it's-good food...

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  1. So, after a long night shakin' booty at the dance clubs with my girlfriends, I was a little...errm... hung-over on Sunday morning. I knew there was only one cure...

    McDonald's Breakfast. Yup... A sausage biscuit, hash brown, and large coffee. Mm Mm Mm... All that grease soaked up the previous night's Long Island residue, and revived me enough to survive the long drive back to my apartment...

    So, my question to you all is, what's your favorite hangover food? I'm talking stuff you'd normally *never* eat - White Castle, KFC, Taco John's, the works...

    Fess up! :hrmm::sick::tispy::drinks::throwup:
  2. Denny's would be my choice. I love breakfast and for some reason every time we go out and we end up having hangovers, we always seem to migrate over there.
  3. A good ole' fashion cheeseburger.
  4. Quarter Pounder with Cheese is my all time favorite hang over cure. Good thing I'm not hung over too often or I'd be as big as a house :smile:
  5. pizza!!!
  6. Foie gras
  7. I've never had a hangover, so I wouildn't know...

    But I sure could go for a breakfast sandwich now!!
  8. I love greasy diner food. My favorite is two soft fried eggs on toast smothered with ketchup! My BF thinks it's digusting, but it's soo good.
  9. Tacos from Jack in the Box--especially when they are like 2 for .99 cents
  10. Shrimp Tempura. Oh god, I could eat and eat and eat and eat that thing like there's no tomorrow.

    Also McDonald's Double Cheeseburger, anything from Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell. MM MMM GOOOD!!!
  11. I don't drink, but when I spend an entire day doing a lot of physical labor (like 6am to 10pm) and I barely ate a thing all day...I'll CRAM fast food, lol!

    Usually it's the biggest bacon cheeseburger I can get my hands on from somewhere...usually Steak & Shake, Backyard Burger, or Wendy's. No fries though, not a fan of fries. If not that, then about three or four tacos from Taco Bell, either regular beef soft tacos, taco supremes, or some crunchy tacos.

    After an early morning of work my Dad can sometimes con me into Bojangles around 11, and in that case, a Bacon Biscuit and a medium order of Bo'rounds...mmm! Not often though, because that kind of thing will hurt my belly.
  12. Foie gras when you are hungover ,thats some stomach ! As much as i love it give me a bacon sarnie with ketchup....
  13. Somehow I am always able to waive off the idea of Burger King's Whopper as a junk food :P so no guilt whatsoever consuming this!!!:Push:

  14. lucky you!!!

    i dont drink anymore, i haven't drank at all in about 5 years, but when i did, i got the WORST hangovers!:throwup: im always amazed at people saying all the stuff they like to eat when hungover, because my hangovers- i couldnt even bear the thought of food, omg....

    but after it passed, i would get so uncontrollably thirsty, i couldve drank lake
  15. Yes, there's nothing better than breakfast at McDonald's. I love McGriddle.