So Ashlee's Is In My Neck Of The Woods

  1. [​IMG]

    Pictures by Brett Kaffee and Ed Isabella

    A very fit and thin Ashlee Simpson was spotted yesterday in NYC after having a late lunch before heading off to the recording studio to work on some new material.
  2. :heart: the boots!
  3. Love her Downtown bag.
    She looks great!
  4. Love the boots too :biggrin: they look hot! and she looks nice :smile:
  5. She looks cute! Great boots!
  6. She is looking better than her sister now. Does anyone know who makes the boots and the sunglasses? Are the sunglasses Tom Ford?
  7. nice to see her looking good
  8. Why is she wearing a Ramones shirt?,their music was MUCH better than hers. Joe Ramone is probably turning in his grave right now..:shame:
  9. I think that she looks really good. I really like her outfit, but I don't like the bag.
  10. love her boots!!
  11. She looks really good!
  12. plastic plastic plastic.. I can't get over it. She's so fake to me.
  13. She looks great!:yes:
  14. Yes. I love the boots too ! :nuts:
  15. I love her sunglasses.