So are we taking bets on how much the price increase will actually be?

  1. I haven't read that anyone got a definitive answer on how much the increase will be. Some heard 4-7% on all items, while someone (or 2?) mentioned their SA said a straight dollar amount mark up ($50 or $100 on items).

    Care to place your bet?
  2. I say 7%
  3. I'll take 5%.
  4. 6% :lol:
  5. I was told 5% today.
  6. i read somewhere on this forum that the Speedy went from $565 to $595. that's about a 6.19%? so maybe 6% or 7%?
  7. 5% of $565 is $28.25 which would make it $593.25, so I'm guessing they'll just round to $595.
  8. From the calculations, I definitely agree with 6-7%, BUT i'm going to say 8%, just so that whatever is the outcome, I'll be happy! lol
  9. Yes I posted that the bags were already marked up on Saturday. A speedy 25 was $595. I looked at a few others but I don't remember the prices.
  10. Damier Speedy is going from $585 to $605 according to my SA at Valley Fair in San Jose, CA.

    (edit: she said 30 speedy but I could sworn the price for Damier for 25 is $585 on Elux currently?)
  11. 5% is my guess. Still ouch for the bigger items.
  12. You are not kidding!:rant:
  13. Maybe 80%.. lol i'm kidding ya!
  14. 5%
  15. the SA told me that the damier speedy 25 was going to be increased 30 dollars as well...