So are there any Zucca Spy lovers out there??!!!

  1. I have tried my best to curb my passion (ok, ok...obsession) for the Fendi Spy bag. I returned a Petrol because it just wouldn't work with my wardrobe, but NOW I purchased a Zucca spy and a black spy (My first Fendi babies):rolleyes: . I really needed a basic black bag and for some reason, I could just not get the zucca out of my head! I love those tortuga handles! So are there any of you out there who have the zucca spy and just looooove it? Any pics???:flowers:
  2. KathyD has one!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!:love: Do you have any pics of yours? DO post! We LOVE eye candy!!!:graucho:
  3. I will post them immed. after they arrive at my doorstep. I have my sleeping bag all ready and am counting the hours! :lol: lol KathyD, where are you and how is your Zucca spy!!!!!!:tender:
  4. I just got one too!...on vacation in Vegas. I was always intrigued about it and when I finally saw one in person....:drool: I WANT!...before I knew it, I signing the credit card slip!
  5. Yes! I don't know, but there was something about it that is so different. I see so many cognacs- don't get me wrong the cognacs are exquisite but I just wanted one that was a little different! The only thing I am worried about is if the fabric is easy to pick up stains:shrugs: