So are the Cotton Signature Carlys...

  1. in stores now? The closest Coach botique to me is Rochester, NY.

    Does anyone know if they are there?

    Also is that the official name of them: cotton signature carly or is it something different?

    I'm thinking of this bag:


    From this thread:

    In the Chocolate large....

    Do they come in any other colors the cottons?



    What's this bag? is it party of the cotton line?

  2. Looks like a slim tote - from last year???
  3. Yes, that tote is from last year's cotton legacy line.
  4. They are in the stores now (my SA pulled out all the wristlets for me to see the colors today) they are part of the new floorset which is being set on Monday night.
  5. Nordstroms had the chocolate & denim cotton sig. Carlys yesterday!
  6. i have to be a good girl and resist the new coach carly demi!
  7. YEAH! they are online! I'm so excited!

    But I saw the Ergo Signature Large Hobo and got to thinking I kina want that or a scarf print... I guess I could get both... Idk.

    Does anyone have the large Ergo hobo?

    Do you think the Cotton Carlys in the large will sell out fast? I can't buy anything until the the end of May or maybe I could use my income tax at the end of April? LOL