So, are stams just impossible to find now?


Feb 14, 2006

This is my first post (I can't seem to get into the introductory thread to properly introduce myself). But I wanted to let those of you who are looking for Stams know that I was in the MJ Boutique in Boston two hours ago and they have the black Stams in calf leather. They are a new shipment (not returns) and are gorgeous.

Here's the number if you're interested:

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Mar 20, 2006
trufflesbang said:
thanks. I'm actually looking for the regular black leather stam.
Anyone looking for this season's putty or black Stams could also email Lucie at They are not posting the returns up on the site,but are sending them out to people on their list...several people at TFS have found stams in this way over the past couple of weeks.

NAP has excellent customer service and don't tend to recycle defective returns,unlike certain online American stores seem to do.
Jan 10, 2006
I posted this somewhere earlier, but if anyone missed it. I got a call late yesterday afternoon from MJ Las Vegas (702.369.3102) that they'd just received a shipment of black stams. I believe the s/s 06 regular (non-Ursula/patent) leather stams have cream suede lining. Give them a call--ask for Kay--she's very nice and helpful!
Mar 31, 2006
I want to make sure everyone knows the vegas store has black stams right now. I want to tell everyone because they were soooo nice to me! The fall group had the prices raised so now it is $1275. I decided to just go to the store and buy it becuase there are too many fakes online. I mean why would anyone sell there's for less than the retail price, I wouldn't! I figure its worth it to have a bag forever than pay less fopr something that might not even be the real thing.