So, are stams just impossible to find now?


I want them all!
Sep 13, 2005
I heard that several of the Marc Jacobs boutiques (including Boston, LA and NY) received shipments of black Stams on Friday 3/24. Perhaps you can still get one if you make a few calls. If you go to you can get numbers for all the stores. Good luck!
Jan 25, 2006
Hue said:
I can't decide if I want the black one or the petrol blue (that Lindsey Lohan) has...I just think it's such a beautiful colour.
What do you guys think?

Petrol is from a previous season. There is no way that you are going to find it available for retail sale. Black stams are hard to come by too, but you'll have better luck finding a black than you will finding a petrol. The only place will find a petrol is on eBay. You might want to try the Marc Jacobs boutiques to see if they have any black stams left. I know some of them got shipments in on Friday. Good luck.


Oct 18, 2005
I had a call on the 24th from the Boston MJ boutique saying they got their last shipment of black in. Don't know what they'd have left by now but it's worth a call!

^Oops, Greenie, I didn't see your reply! :lol: