So apparently . . .

  1. there's like a reserve number for when one orders items. i went to the boutique today to order the red patent leather coin purse (which i'm sure i've told everyone already :yes: ) and the first SA told me there were five left, but when she went to order it wouldn't let her.
    so another (more experienced?) SA came over and told her that it wasn't going through beause there are so few left.

    she said there are 5 circulating in other stores that still have them, but the 'reserve number' is 7 so they couldn't do it.

    interesting, i thought that if an item was still available at another store they'd ship it no questions asked. maybe cuz it's limited edition?
  2. That's a good question. Maybe the keep a "reserve" number to cover orders that have already been places for it, so they end up not having to cancel previously placed orders?

    Or maybe it's to avoid technical problems like computer hiccups and things like that? I know I've been told that the Coach store databases are slow to update, so maybe when they have below a certain number showing up in their system, they aren't allowed to place the order because that store might not actually end up having them?

    Although if the second was true, I would think all it would take would be a call to that store to confirm if they have it or not.
  3. Glitter, did you try calling Coach's 888 number to order it?
  4. yea i did call actually and the SA on the phone said they were sold out, which is why I was surprised my boutique's SA say they had 5 left. I otld her that, but she disregarded it.:shrugs:
  5. To order items in the store, the number at JAX has to be either 5 or 7 available and not including the ones reserved. When JAX is sold out however, I believe the number must be 10 in stores or something, when stores get the order they can choose "reserve" or "no stock"- because sometimes inventory is off.
  6. ^^thanks for the info sprinkles^^
  7. if you really want it you can have the store send in a request via fax to jax (horrible but kind of funny that it rhymes!)

    when a customer came into our store, she really really wanted the dog carrier.

    unfortunately the number in JAX was too low.

    even though our store would not get the $$ because special ordering it through CS and JAX means they get the $$ we went ahead and did that anyways.

    they were able to send her the very last one!

    so if you really want it, ask if the store can do that for you, if the number is low it means that it wouldn't be able to be ordered through the store.

    but customer service can if it is available.