So Apparently Tokidoki for LeSportsac has sort of released the third season...

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  1. I would love to know from those who are close to LeSportsac retaling stores if you've seen advertising on the new Citta Rosa bags for the fall season and why can't I find anything on the internet in the way of marketing for them nor do they show up on the tokidoki website or lesportsac website? I can't really complain because it meant I got to buy the new season's bag sooner, but a little puzzled they haven't made any announcement of it. They even have people selling them on ebay now which was the only online photo or discussion on the new season. Any theories? It just seems strange...
  2. Maybe they're just really bad at marketing ? But that's strange since I saw a lot of stuff for the last line. I kind of regret not getting anything since the design this season isn't as cute I think.

    BTW - I like your username, friend ! ;)
  3. maybe they don't need advertisement coz they have a large followers? i didn't buy anything from the first time they released the items coz everything was gone. but i did see their range at Duty Free, their Tees are freaking expensive. i will go to DFS to check out the new range this week, i am hoping to get just a small pouch or wristlet coz the prints are just too cute to by pass.
  4. I agree the tees are a little pricey and they sell a few at the Ala Moana LeSportsac but you can't even try them on (i have a larger chest so I always need to check) I haven't been at at Duty Free in a while but will be soon enough. I DO agree that this collection is less cute than the last two if you get anything smallish...I have a very large messanger bag and it was best looking one in the store so I'm very happy with it but all the smaller bags barely get any characters on them because the print characters are in a "scene" and are bigger than let's say the cammo summer print. My fiance helps me talk it out when we're in there--we sort of lamented the fact that any of the little purses had maybe cut off's of the girl's legs and maybe two characters and some clouds and a few cars (it's a city scene) but not worth paying 90 dollars for it. We both reasoned you have to buy the big ones and really have them pull out multiple bags to choose the one you like. I really hope they freshen up their print next season because the still numero uno print is the first season. They are coming out with three more seasons after this one taking us into summer 07...but Simon Legno and LeSportsac should work on having patterns more character dense so getting a small wallet will be just as rewarding as getting a large duffle.
  5. This bag will be out tomorrow, aug 22nd in stores, right?
  6. If you have a LeSportsac store near you, check's probably out already because it is here in Hawai'i and I think in stores in California and Boston even maybe. If you wanna sneak peek check on ebay and search for tokidoki citta rosa to see a little bit what the pattern is. :smile:
  7. I saw them ike two days ago, I think it's the cutest edition yet. There's cute little helicopters on one side hahaha
  8. I wanna see!! My daughter has a few from last season, but we never scored a Playground bag. Helicopters? Really?? Cute?? Tomorrow? I'm not ready to drive all the way to LA to find some.Argggghhh
  9. I'm a fan! I've got Denaro and Angioletto.

    The latest wave has hit Singapore cos I saw them in stores last weekend... But I didn't get anything yet. I'm surprised we didn't have any grand launch like we did during June.
  10. AARRGGHHH i wanna see the pics :crybaby:
    if someone bumped on the pics, please post here :P
  11. I hope lesportsac has pictures soon. Duaghter has an olive cammo Ciao chiao & the black cammo andiamo. I have been looking all over for an angioletto in playground, maybe I'll get lucky & find one of the new prints before they are gone. It sure helps being a TPF member! I had no idea they were coming out now. I :heart: :heart: it here so much....:girlsigh:
  12. I saw a few items from the new season at my local Bloomingdale's today. Black ones with the new print inside. I was also wondering how come the LeSportsac's web site didn't say anything about the new season when I saw the bags on ebay a few days ago.

    I agree that the first season's was the cutest print. I have a few of them - a bella bella and stellina.
  13. doesn't "tokidoki" mean "sometimes" in japanese?
  14. yup it does!