So, anyone else get annoyed by this?


Jun 25, 2013
So, there you are, in a shop or a concession, looking at the latest stock of a brand you quite like. Quite like enough to have bought at least one item from them. Coincidentally, you are carrying one of their bags. Do you hate it too when the sales staff compliment on your bag, but only if it is one of 'theirs? Smacks of insincerity and something that they just tell them to at product training school.
I get it in Mulberry, but never when I am carrying another brand of bag there, no matter how much nicer it may be than one of theirs or how unusual so that it may warrant comment. Or does it flatter you into feeling good about your taste and make you buy something else (presumably the psychology behind they flattery)? It has the total opposite effect on me to such an extent that I avoid buying anywhere they start using that script.....


Jul 29, 2009
This has been my experience in handbag stores too, I've even noticed the SA look as I go in the store to see what brand of bag I have, and the only time an SA comments is if it is 'one of theirs'. I've had SAs (in other types of stores) comment on whatever bag I had at the time.


May 3, 2007
It makes sense for the sales associate to comment on the bag you're carrying if it's one of theirs. That's what they are familiar with. Why would they comment on your bag if it's just like a hundred others that have been in that week (i.e., not one of the shop's brand).

I save my 'Annoyance Points' for something more important, like when I don't get recognized at all and have to go find the employee, who is probably chatting up the cute sales guy, or vice versa. Or he/she is in the back eating food or on the company computer updating their Facebook, or some other thing totally not related to doing their job.