So any LV Sunglasses work for smaller faces?

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  1. #1 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    I looked through the Clubhouse thread (after searching and searching for it and missing it b/c of the obscure title!!) and it seems most of LV's sunglasses are large. I love a lot of the designs.

    I find that I have a hard time when shopping for sunglasses b/c my face is somewhat small and narrow and even sometimes regular sunglasses can overwhelm my face (even if they're not labeled "oversized") by extending too far past the sides of my temples. Does LV have any frames that are not small but just regular or on the smaller side? Right now I'm using a pair of Maui Jims but they're getting pretty scratched up. I'd like to try LV.


    (Sorry about the subject...I meant to type Do but instead typed So! SuperBowl fever!)
  2. I just recently purchased the daisy sunglasses. I too have a small thin face and I think they work well on me! I LOVE should go try them on! Good luck!
  3. I also think LV sell different sizes in different parts of the world. I tried some in Bangkok and there was no way I could get them on. Sizes in Europe are fine on me though..
  4. I'm in the US and find most things run extra large here (including food portion sizes! LOL!)

    Tanya, It's funny you mentioned those. I was eyeing those up on the LV site and did a search for them but found that others with small faces found them to be too large for them. I guess I'll have to try them on for myself to see. I wish it wasn't so hard for me to find sunglasses. :sad:
  5. I just bought a pair of LV sunglasses, and have to return to the boutique for them to be adjusted.

    So, keep that in mind. They can be adjusted :yes:

  6. They are definitely oversized but in a vintage glam sort of way.....
  7. I agree...Sunglasses are such a personalized item. I have the Obsession Round in black and the Conspiration GM Landscape (gold) and love them both for different reasons, but I've tried on LOTS of sunglasses to see what would work well with my face shape, the coloring of the frames, etc.
  8. ummm, could anyone point me to the sunglasses clubhouse thread? im also looking to purchase some sunglasses... :smile: TIA!
  9. Was just in Asia and noticed that the Evidence looked a little narrower there, I saw on another thread that they are called an "East fit" might just be for the Asian countries but you may want to enquire with your SA.
  10. There is definitely an eastern and western fit for the same style of LV sunglasses (usually the ones that do not have nose pads). When I was in the LV in San Francisco, the SA showed me several pairs that were in eastern and western fit. Just talk to your local SA.
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