SO - any idea of the color name? Take or Pass?

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  1. Hi All Tpfs...

    Have you seen this color comb.?? Is it SO??
    would this look better in Espom other than in Togo leather...

    Also any idea of name of those color... I think the grey is etain... what about that purple...

    Will you take it or pass it?! .. I might have a chance to own it.. however... I still wonder......hahahah...

    THX .... xoxo..

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  2. etain/anemone???
  3. just what I thought.... etain/anemone ghw SO in togo.
    I am not a fan. But I'm a rare breed here... I do not love etain at all.
  4. Me too! I keep wanting to love Etain...I think I might if it had white stitching like Etoupe.

    But most love Etain AND Anemone! So you should go for it! :biggrin:
  5. I like Etain! The GHW is throwing me. All that matters is that you like it. GL deciding.
  6. I think it is etain/tosca
  7. I think it's etain/tosca and I am not feeling for it.
  8. Not feeling it either. Something about the color combo is off to me...guess I'd prefer it if they were 2 neutral colors instead.
  9. I can't enlarge on my phone but it looks like tosca. Not feeling the combo but am a fan of Etain. If you have to ask, then it must not be love at first deciding dear.
  10. Not my cup of tea...
  11. Don't like it. I do LOVE Etain though and have a beloved K in the color but with PHW. I think PHW really does make a huge difference so would pass on this one. The contrast color really isn't working for it either. :/
  12. That definitely looks like etain and tosca to me. Although that said its don't doing it for me I'm afraid
  13. I'm not a fan but ultimately it is what you think. Do you like it?
  14. Etain&tosca I think
    I am not feeling for it..
  15. As much as I love etain, this combo doesn't do it for me. I think the gold hardware is throwing me off as well. Sorry, but unless you are in love with this, I would pass.