So annoying

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  1. I just got an email from amazon to say that they will be putting back the delievery of my LV book for another 2 weeks - I bet next they will say that they cant get it ... I have been waiting for soooo long now - this is just silly.. where the hell are they getting it from --- MARS :evil:

    Anyone else got this email :sad:
  2. which book are you reffering to?
  3. The birth of modern luxury book
  4. is that so hard to get? i think i saw it in a store window last week.
  5. Awwww....that's stinks!
  6. I'm sorry....have you tried looking for the book elsewhere?
  7. I live in the Uk, and its the cheapest place ... I will just have to wait it out :smile:
  8. I didn't order mine from amazon but from I ordered in late Dec. and just last Friday got an email saying that they wouldn't be restocking the book at all. :evil: :mad: I said the heck with it and went to the boutique and picked it up. Beautiful book.

    Is there a boutique near you?